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A Climate Of Morons

The trouble with our Liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant, it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so. Ronald Reagan Do progressives actually believe the brainless BS they talk about? Hey Look, Another Record Low Month for … Continue reading

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The Extreme Climate Of 1927

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Bad Data And Bad Data Practices

Normally I focus on data tampering and fraud by NASA and NOAA, but there is another big problem. Their surface temperature data itself is garbage. There are very few stations with long term records in South America, but one of … Continue reading

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Arctic Sea Ice The Same Thickness As 1940

The Danish Meteorological Institute reports that Arctic sea ice is about two meters thick. DMI Modelled ice thickness In 1940, Arctic sea ice was also about two meters thick. 23 Feb 1940 – THE NORTH POLE In 1958, the New … Continue reading

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Is Extreme Weather Increasing In The US?

My latest video.

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Michael Mann Continues His Extreme Meanders Of Climate Fraud

There are many crooks in the climate science business, but none more brazen than Michael Mann, who is now blaming California drought and “extreme meanders” in the jet stream on global warming. Climate change is altering global air currents – increasing … Continue reading

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