Global Warming And The Early Spring

Climate experts tell us that global warming brings an early spring. I did a Google search for “global warming early spring colorado.” This is what came up.

Based on today’s forecast, today will be the fourth coldest April 29 on record in Boulder, and the first time Boulder has had two consecutive cold April 29th’s in a row. Last year was fifth coldest. The warmest April 29 occurred  during 1948. There is no indication that warmth is coming earlier in the spring.

This was the view an hour ago, and the snow has picked up since then.

Last week I attended a ceremony in Los Alamos where a climate scientist was given an award for promoting global warming. This is the view from the Los Alamos Science Museum this morning :

And this is the view from the Los Alamos Ski Hill :

In climate science, facts don’t play any role. The science is based on fake climate statistics, fake computer models, and a fake belief in some sort of consensus.

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7 Responses to Global Warming And The Early Spring

  1. RAH says:

    Advised my wife not to plant anything but bulbs yet because it’s looking like that cold moving east portends a much cooler than average spring for us in the plain states, and Ohio Valley. Good possibility of a hard frost here in central Indiana in the next week. Hope not because some farmer have been planting prior to the days of rain we’re having now.

    Meanwhile on Monday night and Tuesday morning I did a round trip up to Romulus, MI (Detroit Metro Airport) and spent the rest of my week from 05:30 Wed morning until 06:30 Saturday morning running to deliver new soda cans to a Pepsi bottler in Ayre, MA and then went up to Auburn, ME and picked up 9 rolls of paper totaling 39,480 lb. to bring back to Anderson, IN. Weather was decent until I hit Ohio and from there home this morning it was rain and thunderstorms most of the way.

    The 2015 Cascadia Fright Liner I climbed into when it was brand new clicked over 200,000 mi on it so it’s now officially broken in.

    A couple of 4-wheeler drivers did their best to get me to kill them this trip but I foiled their attempted suicides. And one big truck driver tried to kill me but failed. There are some times I wish I had a faster truck because that dangerous fool needs an ass kicking in the worst way. I think they have gotten some of those “refugees” on the road now with class A CDLs. It just keeps getting worse out there all the time. It is sometimes hard to get back into the proper mental attitude when a another big truck driver obviously tries to cause you to have an accident. Coming onto the Ohio Turnpike off a ramp into a construction zone a big truck got over for me to merge then the one behind him that was tail gating him tromped on it to stop me from merging and ran me down the shoulder. A stop for a chocolate shake and a wink from a pretty girl while I was buying it set me back in the right frame of mind. But before that If I’d had enough truck to catch the guy………!

  2. SxyxS says:

    early spring.

    less heating costs
    more vegetation=more food

    sadly there is no early spring.

    Leaves on the trees are right now smaller than in the past years
    because it is colder than in the past years

    but no matter how much colde it gets
    and how much more energy people have to waste for heating-
    officially it gets colder and colder.

  3. Stewart Pid says:

    Re early spring …. someone forgot to tell the weather in Calgary Alberta Canada … we just had one of the snowiest weeks of the winter :-( Lots of rain too and so we will have a nice green start to the spring.
    But the shitty weather seems to have moved on (heading Tony & Rah’s way) and now the spring time fun can begin!

  4. Dave Clancy says:

    Could you let me know the dataset used for the Boulder temperature graph? (I don’t see a reference to it in the post but if it is there I apologize.) Thanks very much.

  5. Norilsk says:

    The Al Gore effect?

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