I Would Have Voted For Her, But Putin Hacked My Brain

Democrats want to start a nuclear war with Russia, because they blame Russia for the pathetic state of their party.

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5 Responses to I Would Have Voted For Her, But Putin Hacked My Brain

  1. RAH says:

    Even that short clip was painful. And the democrats still refuse to understand the reasons why she lost! There is just nothing to like about that women except the fact that once and for all she is not holding any government office.

  2. UKJohn says:

    You have got to give some respect to Putin. Not only did he mind control all those Trump supporters he also got all those Democrats to set up illegal servers, delete 33000 emails, defy subpoenas, etc etc.
    The way he realized in 2011 that this guy Trump who he had caught in a videoed sex scandal should run in and win the 2016 Presidential election, just genius

    • SxyxS says:

      The most interessting thing is,that

      the USA have all the money(wall street,petro dollar)
      the partners(EU minions,banana republics,dictatorships and mickey mouse states)
      the military bases(more then 1000 world wide)
      and dozens of world wide forced regime changes& wars in the past decades backed up,supported and legitimized by MSM lies
      as humanitarian aid and bringing democracy(only in countries with tons of ressources)

      but Putin is the one who is spying on the entire world and brainwashing all people.

      The gang of international warlords blaming an urban pickpocket
      for all their failures and evil in the world.

      On the other hand-noone can expect democrats to say:
      “People are so fed up with our lies,wars,globalisation,illegals,desruption of law and criminal behaviour that even a massive concentrated campaign by the MSM+intimidation+insult+voter fraud could not help the chosen criminal wall street whore and Saudi Arabia sponsored Hilary to be voted by the people”
      Blaming Putin is much easier.

  3. Brenda O says:

    LOOKY!!! OVER THERE~~~ not at our Primary Rigging & Hacking!!! RUSSIANS HACKED YOUR BRAIN! THEY DID. You had never heard of any of our nefarious activities until PUTIN PUTIN PUTIN & RT & RUSSIAN TROLLS TOLD YOU WHAT TO THINK! You LOVED my Charm & Grace & Compassion for All Humanity until PUTIN & RT & THOSE TROLLS RUINED YOUR BRAIN!

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