Is Carbon Dioxide A Pollutant?

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28 Responses to Is Carbon Dioxide A Pollutant?

  1. Lasse says:

    BBC Planet Earth series has a program about rainforest where the speaker said “The trees are growing thanks to sun and water” deliberately not mentioning the coal source from the air, CO2.
    At least the Swedish translator did not mentioning this obvious fact.

    • Steve Case says:

      And our friends on the left can’t see the propaganda for what it is. Well some can, but they choose to behave as if they don’t.

  2. Squidly says:

    Is Carbon Dioxide A Pollutant?

    So, this is actually a “trick” question that the AGW cult likes to pull. Recall that virtually anything can be deemed a “pollutant” under the right circumstances”. Too much oxygen will kill you. Too much of anything can/will kill you. So, context is vitally important when positing such a question.

    I would respond with:

    Is Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide A Pollutant?


    Is Human Contribution To Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide A Pollutant?

    Obviously, the answer to both of these questions is an emphatic NO!, not by any stretch of the imagination, and in FACT, exactly the OPPOSITE is true.

    Ideally, we should be working to obtain an atmospheric CO2 concentration of around 1200-1500ppm. This would be ideal for our planet, and is the “sweet spot” of atmospheric CO2 concentration for our planet.

    • GeologyJim says:

      Nice job presenting straightforward facts on the issue

      If you do something similar again, Tony, I’d recommend including some simple observations to counter the “health effects of carbon pollution” meme

      CO2 is not “carbon” – carbon is coal dust, graphite, or diamonds
      CO2 is not pollution – after all, we exhale CO2 at about 40,000 ppm levels
      CO2 is not a health hazard – submarine crews function perfectly well at 4000 ppm
      CO2 has nothing to do with asthma – see #2 above
      Except by asphyxiation, no one has ever died from CO2
      Plants all love CO2, and the whole food chain depends on plants to survive [as you state here]


    • 4TimesAYear says:

      Exactly how I’ve started to address the issue. “Atmospheric CO2 is not a hazard to anyone or anything”.

    • Frederick Colbourne says:

      ‘Recall that virtually anything can be deemed a “pollutant” under the right circumstances”. ‘

      Good reason for Congress to amend the Clean Air Act by reducing the power of the Administrator to do just that.

  3. AZ1971 says:

    I read a number of articles on Wikipedia yesterday about the Snowball Earth theory and the amount of CO2 required to offset the higher albedo of a [mostly] ice-covered planet. It has been calculated that atmospheric levels would need to reach 130,000 ppm in order to overcome such conditions—a value which has been deemed ludicrously high by virtually all scientists studying the issue. This means that either the Snowball Earth theory is complete hogwash, or—assuming the planet did experience those conditions—some other mechanism besides CO2 was at play to overcome albedo inertia.

    • Latitude says:

      AZ…I recently read another one that said high CO2 would cause a snowball earth.

      • Squidly says:

        I would tend to believe that to be more plausible as CO2 is a very good coolant, in fact the most widely used industrial coolant in the world. There is a reason it is, and that is because it is such a great absorber and a great emitter. ie: it allows for very fast transfer of energy, much more so than Nitrogen. One could use Nitrogen as an insulator, one cannot use CO2 as an insulator.

  4. LOL in Oregon says:

    Oh, oh, oh.
    You should feel sorry for these poor folk.

    Remember that just as they were born,
    their mamas had the doctor “slap their butts”
    and then, like all city folk/city hospitals,
    ….they were placed in an “isolation chamber” and
    ……fed by automatons
    …….(err, folk dressed up that way)
    Just go to look at pictures of “hospital nurseries”!

    These poor folk, handicapped since birth, what do you expect?

  5. JuergenK says:

    One cannot overemphasise the importance of carbon dioxide. Take it away and everything on this planet will die soon. The whole food chain depends on carbon dioxide at its lowest level, be it algae or plants.
    Every living being is made of carbohydrates which are made primarily from carbon dioxide. Plants make cellulose and sugars, animals eat plants and make fat, muscles and almost anything of it. And animals and men eat plants or animals which are made by utilising carbon dioxide either primarily or secondarily.
    Muscles – from cellulose or sugar – from co2
    Fat – from fat or cellulose or sugar – from co2
    Tissue – from fat and cellulose and sugar – from co2
    Bones – from calcium carbonate – that’s also co2 or co3, even worse ;-)
    Shells – from calcium carbonate – see above.
    Coral reefs – from calcium carbonate. If seawater wouldn’t contain co2, all corals would die off. And no, they don’t suffer from acidification of the seawater. Seawater is a pretty good buffer. And the co2 in seawater comes from the co2 in the air.
    The world has become more green, since mankind startet to burn so called fossil fuels. Up to 25% more green can be seen by infrared detectors today than 50 years ago.
    The Sahel in Africa is growing, the Sahara is shrinking, other arid regions on earth are also shrinking.
    As Tony mentioned, plants become less water sqanderers the more co2 there is in the atmosphere. Because at low levels of co2 plants are choking. They open their stomata wide in order to get more co2 and thereby loose a lot of water through evaporation. More c02 means lesser “breathing” which means lesser water loss.
    Imagine how earth would look like if every steppe would become green again – that would not only look fantastic, we also could multiply the mouths to feed.
    I remember a lot of famines on this planet when I was a kid. When did you hear of a real famine lately, heh? Right, there is none any more, thanks to growing amounts of co2 in the air, the usage of cheap energy (fossil fuels) and fertilizers (fossil fuels).
    Ah but you’ll say: The hurricanes and earthquakes and other terrible things which are caused by co2, aren’t they? No, they aren’t. Natur was, is and will allways be capricious wheather we behave like idiots or not.

    • Kris Johanson says:

      Right on.
      It’s called the Calvin Cycle, named after a Chemist at Berkeley. Plants and Algae are literally built out of CO2 fixed from the atmosphere. One of the most important discoveries of the 20th century.

  6. Sparks says:

    What a idiotic question.

  7. Gerald Machnee says:

    The EPA declared CO2 a pollutant. This “disease” is spreading around the world. Now it is up to Trump to reverse that.

  8. R. Shearer says:

    Nice video!

    Apparently, the Valmont power station, shown at about 0:23 no longer burns coal effective March of this year according to XCEL.

  9. Andy DC says:

    It is obvious why alarmists are so determined to deny the well documented cooling scare that took place between 1940 and 1979. That is because CO2 was constantly increasing during that enitre period. If it was cooling significantly while CO2 was rising, it becomes obvious that factors other than CO2 can and do drive the climate!

  10. Billyjack says:

    Tony please do not use the word “fracking” to refer to “hydraulic fracturing”. The term “fracking” was invented by the environmentalists because it starts with f and ends with k implying another verb.

    • Squidly says:

      Hmmm, interesting. And here I always thought the word “fracking” ended with a “g” … good to know .. ;-)

      • wizzum says:

        I was talking to an oil guy yesterday and he was told by a fracker that they will soon start running vibroseis machines when they are fracking. Yield is expected to nearly double.
        Made me chuckle when added to the innuendo regarding the word.

  11. wizzum says:

    Tony, you are already a leader in the truth movement for displaying the hypocrisy in alarmist science.
    If you want to be an orator too, with respect, please get some lessons on it. I don’t know if it is available in the US but I did a Toast Masters course when in year 11 and it vastly improved my public speaking.
    I’m still a terrible orator but much improved on what I was.

  12. N. Ominous says:

    @wizzum, I must say I find his clear, straightforward style fine as it is. Imagine how the awful the vid would sound if Obama read the script!

    The lo-fi sound recording quality is another matter…

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