Is Extreme Weather Increasing In The US?

My latest video.

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6 Responses to Is Extreme Weather Increasing In The US?

  1. RAH says:

    I can hear the screams now since you only talked about and charted hurricane landfalls in the US.

    Also, was the NOAA graph based on their adjusted data or the actual count. Fact is that we “see” one heck of a lot more tornadoes now than we did even in the 80s. Increased radar coverage, more trained spotters, and a heck of a lot more chasers, etc over time. Since severe storms F3 or higher were less likely to get by unnoticed in previous years the number of EF-0 and EF-1 tornadoes reported has gone up considerably over time.

  2. Steve Case says:

    No matter if the presentation is abrasive, like that Stephen Goddard fellow, is he still around? Or that nice well prepared Tony Heller of these YouTubes and testimony in various forums. I don’t see any of it in the so called popular press. Google any Climate Change topic, Sea Level and Methane are my favorites of the day, and you get pure unadulterated bullshit. The Climate Change mafia is extremely well entrenched. I think Mother Nature could have the bottom drop out of world temperature and the Climate Change juggernaut would continue to roll along. Sorry to be so pessimistic.

    • McLovin' says:

      Whatever opinion a person holds, that’s the opinion they love. And if they’ve been challenged on it and have responded with harshness and insults, well, now they have skin in the game and to change it then would mean also to have to admit that they may well have acted like a turd in defense of it. They may even owe apologies to people for it. However, if you find yourself surrounded with people who assure you that you are right, not only in your opinion, but also how you’ve defended it, well, suddenly your in a deeply dug and well fortified and defended trench and it’s no longer JUST about you, your opinion(s) and your action(s); it’s also then about personal identity, group acceptance and ultimately, security. This is true for every single member of our species.

      It’s actually been demonstrated ( that the same part of brain that’s activated when your very life is threatened -producing fight, or flight reactions- is ALSO ACTIVATED when deeply engrained opinions/world/political views are challenged, or attacked. Go figure that well constructed, verifiable data sets and presentations are so easily disregarded. We’re living in an absurdist time.

      • David A says:

        Einstein is credited with saying ‘I don’t want to be right, just k,ow if I am right or wrong.”

        I have more humbly aspired to , My desire to know the truth is greater then my desire to be right” This I hope to be adequwt.

  3. TedL says:

    I love that your rebuttal of National Wildlife Federation claims is made entirely of official US government data. A nice, succinct, easy-to-consume video. Soon somebody will point out that the US is only 2 percent of the world’s surface area and the world ex-USA is going to hell, because, after all, this is GLOBAL warming that we are talking about. It is difficult to compile comparable worldwide data because they simply don’t exist. However there are a few other places where good long term data are available. Australia and Britain come to mind. Similar videos highlighting data from those countries would go a long way toward debunking the global claims of warming.

  4. Psalmon says:

    Amazing looking at the US drought portal…w CA soaked there is almost no drought in the US…10% by Palmer…8% by the Monitor…1.4% in severe.

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