NSW Celebrates US Independence Day With Record Cold. BOM Immediately Erases.

Hot weather is climate. Cold weather, and hotter weather from the past, is to be erased.

Canberra weather: Capital shivers through another cold morning

Bureau Erases Goulburn Record Minimum Temperature: Set Sunday 2 July 2017 – Jennifer Marohasy

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10 Responses to NSW Celebrates US Independence Day With Record Cold. BOM Immediately Erases.

  1. Ross says:

    O/T but another Australian has a great new thread on her site. JoNova has put up superb data on where and how many coal fired power stations there are around the world either operating or planned to be built. As Jo says note the size of some of the Chinese plants (ie. the number of turbines in each plant)


  2. richard says:

    Google “Record high temperature” … …You get about 7,910,000 results (0.61 seconds).

    Google “Record low temperature” … …You get about 148,000,000 results (1.15 seconds)Even Google cannot “hide the decline”


    • Winnipegboy says:

      that is funny.
      Google trend does not show the same thing, but there are spikes that look like they are associated with things like Paris accord or other media pushes.

  3. Timo Soren says:

    Just saw a CBS new report about snow melt and how it is affecting Lake Tahoe and at the very end while interviewing some un-named climate/meterologist/government guy he started saying that they ‘expect more’ of this high variablility, bec (cut off) ‘ “so there is variablity in the melt’ cut somewhere else. They didn’t let him even say climate!

  4. face masks says:

    You put forward some great points within this entry, but aren’t you oversimplifying something crucial?

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