Data Tampering To Save Lives

On this date in 1939, 21 people died from the heat in Eastern Canada. Had Gavin Schmidt been given the opportunity to cool temperatures on that day, those people would have lived.

09 Jul 1939, Page 1 – The Post-Register

The reason NASA/NOAA cool the past, is quite simply –  to save lives.

Data tampering is hard work. Almost the entire US was over 90 degrees on July 8, 1939 – and much was over 100F. Temperatures in central Texas were over 110F.

July 8 temperatures have plummeted in the US over the past 100 years. On this date in 1936, more than half of US HCN stations were over 95F.

Please send a thank you tweet to @ClimateOfGavin  thanking him for his data tampering efforts.  He has me blocked.

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3 Responses to Data Tampering To Save Lives

  1. GW says:

    I thought the administration was defunding his gig – the entire NASA earth sciences division. Anyone know the status of that effort ? Is this guy like a bad penny ???

  2. Andy DC says:

    Yes, summer heatwaves have been nasty for a long, long time

  3. jack b :-) says:

    My dad, who recently passed away at age 93, was approaching his 16th birthday in the summer of ’39 and looking forward to getting his 1st car in san angelo, tx. He’d been working in the family market (they’d just sold their 120 section ranch when his dad had passed away at age 56), so he decided to get an outside job’ to help with family finances. What did he find to do in that hellish summer?

    He went to work in the ice house.

    Smart, smart man.

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