July 11. 1954 – Hottest Day In Colorado History

July 11, 1954 was the hottest day on record in Colorado (114F) and in Boulder (104F) There was a huge area above 110F centered over Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Colorado. Three fourths of the US was over 90 degrees.

More than half of the US was in drought during July, 1954.

Today’s forecast maximum temperature in Boulder is 88 degrees. We haven’t had a day above 100F for  five years, but in 1954 we had six days above 100F.

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4 Responses to July 11. 1954 – Hottest Day In Colorado History

  1. Noel says:

    Tony, when displaying (for example) the heat map from July 11, 1954, please also display the equivalent map from a more recent year… such as July 11, 2016. It’s much easier to show the warmists the error of their ways when there is a direct comparison between the past and the present!

    Also, on those heat maps, why are there two different shades of yellow pins and two different shades of red pins?


  2. TimA says:

    I was born in May of 1954 in southern Ohio……I know we had no air-conditioning….good thing I suffered no dain-bramage!!

  3. Andy DC says:

    The July 1954 heatwave broke some of the 1930’s all time records in parts of the Midwest. Most notably, St. Louis hit a sizzling 115 degrees and East St. Louis, IL hit 117.

    I don’t believe those temperatures have remotely been approached in recent years.

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