July 22, 1926 – 109 Degrees In Troy, New York

The highest temperature ever recorded in New York State was 109 degrees on this date in 1926.

This was followed shortly thereafter by the most destructive hurricane in US history, which wrecked most of Miami.

20 Sep 1926, Page 1 – The Pantagraph

Right after that came the most destructive flood in US history on the Mississippi River, which lasted for more than six months.

09 Jan 1927, 29 – The Morning Call

We have gotten used to very mild weather in this country, which has made the job much harder for climate snake oil salesmen. But CO2 levels were very low in 1926, and the weather was much more extreme than anything most Americans have experienced.

1926 was also the only year when Sydney, Australia had seven days over 100 degrees.

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