New Video : Scientific Consensus And Mass Delusion

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  1. ClimateYogi says:

    Precious ! No doubt also contributing to the War of the Worlds hysteria .
    Thank you Tony !

  2. Kyle_Fouro says:

    Did Met Office just admit to making up data?

    Capture from:

    You can see they also literally think observations are garbage


    • CheshireRed says:

      I interpreted that as an attempt to lay the groundwork for further data revisions, so whilst being in the right ballpark perhaps you have that the wrong way around? Essentially they’re discrediting previous data as ‘inaccurate’ (rather than made-up) but the ONLY reason they’d do that is in order to present new, revised data. Oh, and what’s this? – Michael Mann is already doing exactly that! He’s revising 19th century pre-industrial data to suggest more warming than previously thought has already occurred, thus meaning we now need to act with more urgency than ever before. What a surprise.

      20th century data against AGW? Solution, adjust data.
      21st century data against AGW? Solution, adjust data.
      And now if 19th century data is against AGW? Solution, adjust data.

      • arn says:

        I like this article.

        I mean there is literally nothing this guy did not underestimate.
        You just give them enough time and they will adjust anything that is in their way.
        Satellite data-
        “After decades of using satellite data
        without any problems
        we all of a sudden found out that this data is unreliable
        to explain the hiatus away”

        “All of a sudden we found out that ocean absorbed most of the global warming heat(after many decades,of course)
        to explain the hiatus(which was already adjusted away)

        And now we found out(after many many years)we have “underesitmated” the pre indutrial era in terms of environment and global warming.

        How dumb can people be to not realise what is going on here????

        Seems the AGW-Allah is strong inside the climate-jihadis.

  3. Winnipegboy says:

    I have been wondering how dumb this generation will look to future generations. This pretty much sums it up.
    The shocking piece of this expose is the stickiness of bad theory. It goes beyond one or two generations.

  4. Andy DC says:

    Most legitimate scientists believe there is a good probability that there is intelligent life somewhere else in the universe. Also, a lot of otherwise sane, intelligent people claim to have heard from deceased loved ones and even some legitimate scientists believe that an afterlife may be a possibility. So even if not from Mars, there is probably more going on out there than what most people realize.

    • Klondike Bob says:

      I must assert that intelligent life barely exists on our own planet, let alone on majestic spheres elsewhere in outer space

  5. Klondike Bob says:

    With an impact far above Orwell’s “1984” or any book by the late Erma Bombeck, “POPULAR DELUSIONS” is a true eye-opener, as it culls material from the far-distant past to cast light on our silly present…I particularly can read MacKay’s synopsis of the “TULIP-O-MANIA” mass delusion over and over…MacKay presents valid evidence that a lot of people can believe a lot of ridiculous poppycock

    Humphrey Jennings’ similarly eye-opening compendium “PANDAEMONIUM” is an equally great read, collecting accounts of Humankind’s fascination with machines and destruction(s) related to machines

    Charles Fort’s books also provide some insight into mass hysteria and strangeness, but without much in the way of scientific backdrop (Fort simply presented supposed events (frogs and plasma falling from the sky) without terse commentary…still, Fort presented food for thought (or, frogs for thought) and an alternative set of realities

  6. Tom Anderson says:

    This is long, but it’s my favorite passage from “Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds,” Charles MacKay, London, 1852, [kindle ed., no page]:

    “A still more singular instance of the faith in predictions occurred in London in the year 1524. The city swarmed at that time with fortune-tellers and astrologers, who were consulted daily by people of every class in society on the secrets of futurity. As early as the month of June 1523, several of them concurred in predicting that on the 1st day of February 1524, the waters of the Thames would swell to such a height as to overflow the whole city of London, and wash away ten thousand houses. The prophecy met implicit belief. It was reiterated with the utmost confidence month after month, until so much alarm was excited that many a family packed up their goods, and removed to Kent and Essex. As the time drew nigh, the number of these emigrants increased. In January, droves of workmen might be seen followed by their wives and children, trudging on foot to the villages within fifteen or twenty miles, to await the catastrophe. People of a higher class were also to be seen, in waggons and other vehicles, bound on a similar errand. By the middle of January, at least twenty thousand persons had quitted the doomed city, leaving but the bare walls of their homes to be swept away by the impending floods. Many of the richer sort took up their abode on the heights of Highgate, Hampstead, and Blackheath; and some erected tents as far away as Waltham Abbey, on the north and Croydon, on the south of the Thames. Bolton, the prior of St. Bartholomew’s, was so alarmed that he erected at very great expense, a sort of fortress on Harrow-on-the-Hill, which he stocked with provisions for two months. On the 24th of January, a week before the awful day which was to see the destruction of London, he removed thither, with the brethren and officers of the prior and all his household. A number of boats were conveyed in waggons to his fortress, furnished abundantly with expert rowers, in case the flood, reaching so high as Harrow, should force them to go further for a resting-place. Many wealthy citizens prayed to share his retreat, but the Prior, with a prudent forethought, admitted only his personal friends, and those who brought stores of eatables for the blockade.
    “At last the morn, big with the fate of London, appeared in the east. The wondering crowds were astir at an early hour to watch the rising of the waters. The inundation, it was predicted, would be grad-ual, not sudden; so that they expected to have plenty of time to escape, as soon as they saw the bosom of old Thames heave beyond the usual mark. But the majority were too much alarmed to trust to this, and thought themselves safer ten or twenty miles off. The Thames, unmindful of the foolish crowds upon its banks, flowed on quietly as of yore. The tide ebbed at its usual hour, flowed to its usual height, and then ebbed again, just as if twenty astrologers had not pledged their words to the contrary. Blank were their faces as evening approached and as blank grew the faces of the citizens to think that they had made such fools of themselves. At last night set in, and the obstinate river would not lift its waters to sweep away even one house out of the ten thousand. Still, however, the people were afraid to go to sleep. Many hundreds remained up till dawn of the next day, lest the deluge should come upon them like a thief in the night.
    “On the morrow, it was seriously discussed whether it would not be advisable to duck the false prophets in the river. Luckily for them, they thought of an expedient which allayed the popular fury. They asserted that, by an error (a very slight one) of a little figure, they had fixed the date of this awful inundation a whole century too early. The stars were right after all, and they, erring mortals, were wrong. The present generation of cockneys was safe, and London would be washed away, not in 1524, but in 1624. At this announcement, Bolton, the prior, dismantled his fortress, and the weary emigrants came back.”

    • Klondike Bob says:

      Surely London has suffered its fair share of disasters (man made and otherwise) but none have been accurately foretold by the feeble minds of fortune tellers and astrologers

      Hucksterisms and rip offs directed at the gullible have existed for centuries…and long before bouncing Baby Al Gore was but a gleam in his daddy’s eye

  7. GW Smith says:

    Tony — Excellent post! One of your best! A masterpiece! How can anyone argue with this delusional theory any longer? You have made it as clear as day! Thanks!

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