100% Of Global Warming Is Due To Fraud

Satellites show that the troposphere has not warmed since 1997. The warming reported by NASA (red line below) has nothing to do with reality.

Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs

The 1995 IPCC report showed no troposphere warming from 1958 to 1995.


The bottom line is that Earth is not warming, and is no warmer now than it was in 1940. Global warming is the biggest mass superstition and hysteria of modern times.

Nothing new about this idiocy though. Imagining climate change seems to be a fundamental human flaw .


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13 Responses to 100% Of Global Warming Is Due To Fraud

  1. Gator69 says:

    Once again, Orwell penned 1984 as a warning, he did not intend for it to be a blueprint.

  2. Neckbeard93 says:

    Speaking of fraud, the CDIAC removed the map of GHCN stations with unadjusted data from their site. Now they just refer you to the fake NOAA data.


  3. Rob says:

    “Global warming is the biggest mass superstition and hysteria of modern times.

    Nothing new about this idiocy though. Imagining climate change seems to be a fundamental human flaw .”

    Billions of people do and have believed in various religions all originally based on a book written a long time ago so it’s really not a surprise hundreds of millions believe in this new religion. Global warming may be a fraud yet I wouldn’t be surprised if one were able to go back in time that they’d see all those other religions got started as frauds.

    I am getting more convinced that there is something I call the religion gene that is found in most humans. They just have to believe in something.

    • Gator says:

      The 7th Judicial Circuit of the Court of Appeals of the United States ruled that atheism is a religion.

    • Texas Sharp-shooter says:

      Religion gene, huh. Wonder Who put that in.

    • Colorado Wellington says:

      “They just have to believe in something.”

      Who is this “they“, Kemosabe?

    • BobW in NC says:

      “I am getting more convinced that there is something I call the religion gene that is found in most humans. They just have to believe in something.”


      Christian apologist G.K. Chesterton (1874–1936) put it this way: “When men choose not to believe in God, they do not thereafter believe in nothing, they then become capable of believing in anything.”

  4. AndyG55 says:

    “They just have to believe in something.”

    I don’t see a problem if that “belief” has a positive affect on the person and those around them. (eg some religions) (disclaimer.. I myself, am not a religious person)

    But when that belief is based on fraud and deceit, then the effect of that belief HAS to be negative, on the person, and all of society.

  5. Colorado Wellington says:

    Related: Iain Murray links from Instapundit to Ross McKitrick’s:

    Are Climate Models Overstating Warming?

  6. Chewer says:

    100% Of Global Warming Is Due To Fraud
    100% Of Global Warming’s Root Cause Is Due To Man’s Fears of His Fellow Man!
    Not much change in we humans over the past 50-60,000 years, and most of us are living outside of our realm.
    Human Diversity is defined by the size of a mothers family, not sections of the planet that give us notable external features (skin pigmentation, facial features, etc..).
    Since modern societies have not figured out what went wrong, there is some help to offer. We have divorced ourselves from nature, yet we are a part of her like all other living species. From our beginning and right up to 12-13,000 years ago we didn’t have much luxury. we did learn how to brew beer 12,200 years ago, so that was a neat step in our progression. We knew grapes fermented beautifully over 40,000 years ago, but didn’t quite make it to more difficult inventions, due mostly to running like hell from the ones looking for a meal;-)
    Some dogs have no fear, some fear everything they see, and others are to be feared. Like all creatures, we don’t know which are which until we meet them.
    10’s of thousands of years of development cannot change these built in human features, and expecting your fellow man to fall in line is a mission without an end, as we are diversified products of mother nature, just like diversified members of the sugar maple family, hairy toads, red fox and polar bears. There may only be 5 members of the polar bear species, 7 of the brown bear family, 3 in the pine grosbeak domain and what, like 100ish humans. Each of us are found in every race, at least in our core biological makeup, including propensities, levels of awareness, smarts and fundamental characteristics.
    Mother natures memory does not forget what wiped out members within each species, so diversity within each species is simply for survival of the species.
    Some follow, some lead and some are agnostic to bullshit and fight back at every chance.
    Some fear there fellow man and his actions so much that they resort to bullshit to influence their environments (physical and mental)!

    • Mark Fife says:

      I penned this particular piece in my blog after hearing about the oldest known recipe for making beer. I rather enjoyed it, perhaps you will too.

      Climate Change and Beer

      When it comes to climate change I am not a skeptic. Nor am I a denier. I am an I call bullshitter. I thought it might be wise to just go ahead it get that out of the way right up front. No sense beating around the bush. Not that climate change isn’t a thing. It actually is. It just isn’t a new thing. As a species we have actually documented dramatic climate change going way back. I mean way back. I am pretty much an expert on this stuff. I took ancient history in high school. I have read the Bible many times. I have watched Cecil B. Demille. Yule Brenner made one heck of a Pharaoh by the way. Climate change pretty much drove the nation of Israel to go hang with Yule Brenner. They left home in the first place because of an insanely long drought. After hanging around in Egypt at least long enough for Charlton Heston to grow up, then wandering around the desert long enough for the Golden Calf generation to die out, they finally came back to the old neighborhood. You know, the land flowing with milk and honey.

      Now, of course, much of that cool place is as dead as the Dead Sea. Climate change baby, it pretty much bites.

      As a student of those times I can state with some certainty climate was a real pain in the camel hump for those ancient peoples hanging out in the fertile crescent. It ain’t looking all that fertile nowadays either. Life in those times seemed to consistent of periods of drought and really bad floods. People were always starving or drowning. It’s a wonder people were able to invent civilization in such a place. I assume it got better from time to time. Good enough that Alexander the great went to all the trouble to leave the grapes of Greece and go conquer it.

      Which brings us to what is arguably the greatest thing ever to come out of that entire area. Beer.

      According to archeologists, historians, and people like me who read a bunch of stuff, the earliest reference to beer is a 3900 year old Sumerian poem. I haven’t read it but it honors the Sumerian Goddess Ninkasi and also contains a recipe for beer. This beer was made from barley and bread. Hey, you work with what you got. So we know beer is at least 3900 old. What no one knew, though, was how beer was invented in the first place. Until now.

      Beer wasn’t actually invented. Not like Bell invented the telephone. It was really more or less discovered. By accident. Remember how I mentioned how that entire area was nothing but a series of droughts and floods? It was during one of those drought periods a Sumerian man by the name of Nim-Becile lived. He was more fortunate than his neighbors in that he had plenty of barley, wheat, a little salt, and loads of honey. Fearing someone would steal his stash he hid it in a dry hole in the ground. Unfortunately the hole was only dry because of the massive drought. Perhaps he should have thought of that. Though Nim-Becile played a key role in discovering beer he wasn’t actually the one who discovered it. That honor fell to a man named Shasham-Libat. It was shortly after the next flood receded that Shasham-Libat was wondering around looking for his house when he fell into a hole. Nim-Becile’s hole. And the rest is, as they say, history. Imbibing of a cold brew is known as a Libation to this very day.

      The art of brewing beer would reach it’s peak many years later in ancient Egypt under the steady hand of Imanhoptech. Which also might explain why the Jewish people decided to go to Egypt instead of someplace where Yule Brenner, who was a real bad ass, wasn’t.

      I hope we have cleared this entire climate change business up for you. It isn’t a new thing and it isn’t necessarily bad either.

      • Colorado Wellington says:

        Beer wasn’t actually invented … It was really more or less discovered. By accident.

        True, I can attest to it. I discovered my father’s beer as a toddler and it was a lucky accident. It would be silly to say I invented it.

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