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More Spectacular Fraud From NOAA And The EPA

The NOAA/EPA graph is being touted by Democrats as proof that people who tell the truth about climate need to be jailed. It is intended to mislead people into believing that heavy rainfall events are due to your SUV. Climate … Continue reading

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The Unchanging Climate

In September, 1928 an inland storm surge in Florida killed thousands of people at Lake Okeechobee, and desperate Democrats were resorting to bald faced lies. DEMOCRATS IN DESPERATION RESORT TO BALD UNTRUTHS 24 Sep 1928, 1 – The Times Recorder 

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Algae So Thick A Bird Can Walk On It

You can see the bird tracks on this pond, from 350 feet above. Ground level. Chemical fertilizer running off from this neighborhood has killed the pond.

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Small Reduction In Arctic Sea Ice Since 1971

In 1971, National Geographic published this map of late summer Arctic sea ice extent. ARCTIC OCEAN Here is their current map. N_daily_extent.png (420×500) The image below overlays the current NSIDC map (green) on the 1971 National Geographic Map (red.) There … Continue reading

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Arctic Sea Ice Volume Up 20% Since 2008

The animation below show the huge increase in 1+ meter thick sea ice in the central Arctic since 2008. Sea ice volume is up 20% since 2008, and is also higher than 2007 and 2016. 2008   2017 The really … Continue reading

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Success Of The Paris Accords

Based on current trends, it now appears the Arctic will never be ice free. The planet is saved. Charctic Interactive Sea Ice Graph | Arctic Sea Ice News and Analysis Good thing we listened to the experts and #FakeNews press … Continue reading

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Plummeting September 1 Temperatures In The US

September 1 used to be a very hot day in the US, but temperatures have plummeted over the past century. On this date in 1953, half of the Eastern US was over 100 degrees, including West Point, New York. West … Continue reading

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