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Monthly NOAA State Of The Climate Fraud Report

NOAA is getting increasingly shameless with their monthly climate reports, claiming the Earth is red rot. Global Climate Report – August 2017 | State of the Climate | National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) Most of their red hot land … Continue reading

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Visualizing The Effects Of Carbon Pollution

The Valmont Power Plant provides Boulder, Colorado with its electricity. I made this photo essay to show the devastating effects of an invisible, odorless, harmless, essential trace gas. Without the CO2, Boulder would look more like this:

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Greenland’s Petermann Glacier Growing Ten Feet Per Day

Greenland’s most famous glacier, the Petermann Glacier, has grown more than 5km over the past five years. https://go.nasa.gov/2ylEMDl Fake news sources and fake scientists claim the exact opposite, because they are paid to lie about the climate. In Greenland, a … Continue reading

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Massive Arctic Ice Gain Over The Past Five Years

Arctic sea ice extent is up 40% from this date five years ago. 2012   2017 Greenland’s surface gained ten times as much ice as it did five years ago, and was the fifth highest on record. Guest post: How … Continue reading

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New Video : “Fifty Years Of Ridiculous Predictions By Climate Experts”

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Plummeting September 18 Temperatures In The US

September 18 used to be a hot day in the US, but temperatures have plummeted over the past century. On this date in 1925, temperatures were over 100 degrees in much of the Midwest and South. 1925 was also the … Continue reading

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Broncos Game Day

I love Broncos game days. Everyone stays home watching some stupid football game. Meanwhile, we get the trails to ourselves.

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