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Conflict Of Interest

If NASA and NOAA said “global warming is not a problem” they would immediately lose billions of dollars in funding. No one is going to pay them to study a non-problem. They have a very fundamental conflict of interest, and … Continue reading

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What Is Dr. Ruth’s Excuse This Year?

Dr. Ruth from DMI, the Greenland ice growth and image processing denier – blamed last year’s record autumn ice growth on Hurricane Nicole. Guest post: How the Greenland ice sheet fared in 2017 | Carbon Brief This year is looking … Continue reading

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Kestrel On Ice

This morning, the Kestrel was hunting from an ice-covered Cottonwood tree. The near record cold and ice was due to an overheated atmosphere caused by carbon emissions from the Valmont Power Plant When he realized the danger he faced from … Continue reading

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The Heatwave Of Halloween, 1950

We are having our fourth October snowstorm in Boulder today, and yesterday afternoon never made it up to the freezing mark. But on this date in 1950 it was 82 degrees in Boulder with 90 degree weather reported Colorado, Nebraska, … Continue reading

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Public Radio – Pushing The Limits Of Climate Stupid

In this PRI article, the author conflates CO2 with “global warming” – and wants to starve billions of people to save them from micronutrient deficiencies. Global warming threatens nutrition levels in staple crops | Public Radio International Our entire food … Continue reading

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More On The Fake NOAA Late Winter Trend

I did some more research on my theory that the NOAA later winters hockey stick since 1990 is due to missing data. In the first graph below I plotted the number of valid days per month for the 100 stations … Continue reading

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Hot Arctic Air To Freeze The UK

Experts say the Arctic is super-hot and the ice is melting, but mysteriously the hot Arctic air becomes very cold when it moves south. Forecasters fear Britain could be battered by coldest winter for FIVE YEARS with temperatures plunging to … Continue reading

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Science Says : More Junk Science From NOAA And Seth Borenstein

Claiming to speak for science, Seth “Arctic will be ice-free by 2012” Borenstein says  the first fall freeze is coming later in the US since the 1980’s. Science Says: Jack Frost nipping at your nose ever later I tested this … Continue reading

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Plummeting October 28 Temperatures In The US

Over the past century, US October 28 maximum temperatures have dropped about 1.5F The likelihood of warm weather has plummeted. On this date 90 years ago, there were 90 degree temperatures in Illinois, and 80 degree temperatures in upstate New … Continue reading

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Visualizing NOAA Fraud In Ohio

“Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts.” – Sherlock Holmes I had a request from a reader to cover Ohio temperatures/data tampering. Afternoon temperatures in Ohio were much higher prior to 60 … Continue reading

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