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Hurricane Gilbert : September 13, 1988

On this date in 1988, Category 5 Hurricane Gilbert was about to crash into Playa del Carmen, Mexico – where I plan to be next month.

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Plummeting September 13 Temperatures In The US

September 13 used to be a very hot day in the US, but temperatures have plummeted over the last century. On this date in 1939, Shoals, Indiana was 107 degrees, and much of the Midwest was over 100 degrees.

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Disaster Strikes Again For Climate Alarmists

Climate alarmists say they love Arctic ice, but get extremely angry when you point out that their predictions were wrong, and the ice is is doing just fine. Ocean and Ice Services | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

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More Wildlife Action

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Government Scientists : No Data – But Tremendous Precision

ftp://ftp.ncdc.noaa.gov/pub/data/ghcn/daily/figures/station-counts-1891-1920-temp.png NOAA has no daily temperature data from Central or South America, or most of Canada from the year 1900, But they claim to know the temperature in those regions very precisely. Same story in the rest of the world. … Continue reading

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1886 : America’s Busiest Hurricane Season

The US was hit by seven hurricanes in 1886, the only year that has happened. Three of those hurricanes occurred in June, which never happens any more. Three locations in the US were hit by two hurricanes. Texas was hit … Continue reading

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