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Irma Weather Almost identical To The Labor Day Hurricane

I pointed this out a few days ago.  The current weather in the US is almost identical to the weather on September 5, 1935 when America’s most intense hurricane hit Florida.

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September Temperatures Have Plummeted At All East Coast And Gulf Coast Stations

After the quietest decade for US hurricanes on record, we get a couple of hurricanes and the press immediately blames global warming and declares it to be the new normal. It took me exactly 45 seconds to determine that September … Continue reading

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This Date In 1900 – Galveston Destroyed By A Hurricane

On this date in the year 1900, Galveston, Texas (where I had the first date with my future wife) was destroyed by a hurricane. Ten thousand people died in America’s deadliest natural disaster. 09 Sep 1900, 7 – Great Falls … Continue reading

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Massive Expansion Of Arctic Ice Over The Past Five Years

Something you won’t read in the fake news press is that there has been a massive expansion of Arctic ice over the past five years. 2012       2017 Climate scientists and the press are too busy committing fraud … Continue reading

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