Eric Budd : Left Wing Hack For City Council

Update : Reader efforts produced quick results


This genius is running for Boulder City Council

We don’t have any gun violence in South Boulder. What we do have is wetlands wildlife habitat which the city and CU want to destroy. That is the issue which people in South Boulder are concerned about. I pointed this out to him.

He responded by immediately blocking me.

This is typical behavior from the left. He has no interest in dealing with real problems or concerns of the public, and devotes his energy to a string of imaginary problems. He believes that building electric airplanes will prevent hurricanes.

He also thinks that trashing the US is patriotic.

Sad, but typical. Please tweet this post to him. The more people do it, the better.

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35 Responses to Eric Budd : Left Wing Hack For City Council

  1. Kris Johanson says:

    It should be pointed out that electric airplanes and electric cars don’t reduce pollution, they just ‘transfer’ pollution. Generating power with a gas turbine-driven generator-set, delivering it hundreds of miles, then charging a chemical storage battery, and then using the battery to run an electric motor, is less efficient and generates more pollution than just running an internal combustion engine in the first place

  2. Colorado Wellington says:

    But what about the moms? They are afraid to go to north Boulder! There was a shooting there. A mom drove by and heard it!

    And they posted a machine gun picture on the web. There are no background checks to buy machine guns.

    • Colorado Wellington says:

      I should have been more precise: We are talking about south Boulder moms.

      Eric Budd (he/him) will also meet with north Boulder moms and east Boulder moms.

    • dave1billion says:

      Well, it is a machine and it is a gun (as opposed to a rifle).

      And I guess it could be used in a drive-by if you’re really desperate.

  3. Rob says:

    It’s pretty clear that dumbocrats are just given a book with talking points that they need to memorize and then spew forth every single time they say something. They’re like robots programmed to say the exact same thing. Very cult-like.

    I’m no fan of republicants either yet at least they sometimes don’t sound like robots.

    As for the push of the global warmists with CO2 reduction, I want that to happen so I can then see what they blame in the future for why the climate is still the same and why extreme weather events keep happening. Even though these zealots frustrate me with their religion, it is also amusing watching them double down and say such zany things as their brains implode from trying to deal with their beliefs being a fraud. Denial is such a powerful thing when it comes to humans.

  4. Colorado Wellington says:

    “… at least they sometimes don’t sound like robots.”

    Many of us have learned to appreciate the rare precious moments in life.

  5. frederik wisse says:

    How oldfashioned , was the comment of a green-liberal lady , when i pointed out to her that the sun was driving our climate . She openly showed her disgust , when i tried to convince her that 1 percent of solar irradiation more or less influences the temperature here on earth with plus/minus 3 degrees Celsius , dwarfing the impact of human activities . Well she was so totally brainwashed that any factual argument did not convince her , like the rest of her green/red progressive left , who are thinking that they are so terribly important in the scheme of environmental developments . She illlustrated her conviction by exclaiming that her lifestyle was carbon-neutral and showed her disdain for my lack of sustainability . I was confronted with a fully marxist set-up leaving no space for rational arguments and being blown away with an arificial sense of morality , showing a false superiority and totally lacking real care or empathy.
    This is what you and i are dealing with nowadays , false profets that are leading our children astray . Their big mistake is to make us humans to important , the temptation where a lot of our ancestors have also fallen for and which has lead only to misery and death . Stay humble ,

    • Colorado Wellington says:

      Math and physics are products of white male privilege. It shows as early as kindergarten and it only gets worse later. Everyone knows it, in Boulder, at least. Many people here have realized that these math and science concepts don’t feel right for women and people from non-western cultures, and they are finally changing the way we are doing things.

      This progressive lady was trying to be nice by calling you old-fashioned and here you are complaining about it with some gobbledygook about solar irradiation. She should have called you out as the extreme right-wing reactionary racist sexist chauvinist pig you are …

    • Buck Turgidson says:

      “Carbon neutral”? Oh geezus that just makes my head hurt. WTH does that even mean? How would this be measured? It is a hippy-dippy liberal pinhead jingo that sounded good to someone, so the sheep parrot it and make themselves feel self-righteous when they drive a Prius. Powered by electricity. Generated at the Valmont coal-fired power plant.


  6. Anon says:

    This is an easy problem to fix. First you need to write an anonymously authored guest article for the Huffington Post. Don’t use your current pseudonym, as that could jeopardize the effort. The title of the article should be:

    Wetlands Reduce Gun Violence

    Abstract: A comparative, longitudinal multi-year study contrasting riparian wetlands with developed urban sprawl spaces, with an emphasis on multi-ethnic underrepresented communal areas, reveals that the frequency of gun violence per hectare is significantly reduced in wetland and wetland like spaces over their urban counterparts. Our analysis reveals a direct statistically significant correlation between inland environmental moisture and gun violence, thus making community investment in such areas imperative in combating the current firearms epidemic in Trump’s America.

    Then wait three days, until the article is picked up by the National Wildlife Foundation, and Sierra Club. If you are not already a member, submit a membership application to each of these organizations. Upon receipt of your membership card, show up at the next candidates debate with your new credentials and proofs (ie printouts of the aforementioned articles).

    And voilà!!!

    • Brad says:

      You forgot to include areas that were not initially created as such, but now identify as being wetlands.

    • Mark Fife says:

      Most awesome! Work in “interspecies intersectionality identity inclusion” in there somewhere and you are golden.

      • Colorado Wellington says:

        Excellent suggestion. Also, I recommend that Tony tells Eric Budd to check his white male privilege. He already alienated people by identifying himself as (he/him). Tony should call hirself (ze/her) or (e/em) and force Budd to explain what he meant by his male chauvinist provocation.

        • Arn says:

          Transgender is so 2016.
          Nowadays transspecies is the new big thing.

          Therefore it is no longer about gender but about wether human,dinosaur,ape or dog or something in between like manbearpig
          as we all know that humans have 90%++ of the genetics those animals have.
          (you don”t believe me:
          Most of the lefties values and progressivity is based on jokes from the MAD Magazin(obama even looks like the black twin of alfred e newman)
          or cynical jokes for mentally challenged about good doers and trying to find out how much stupidity they are able to acceppt((as long as you can make them feal smart and good they”ll believe anything)

    • Robertv says:

      It must be because of wetlands huge carbon (CO2) absorption capacity which turns people in nonviolent.

      • Buck Turgidson says:

        I shared the piece from the Iowa climate braintrust that brilliantly explained that high humidity makes people violent. Which is why they have so much violence in tropical humid Singapore. and also why they have so little violence in arid Afghanistan.

        People, we are dealing with brain-dead morons here

    • Buck Turgidson says:


  7. Latitude says:

    you’re suppposed to elect some guy that can’t remember for a few minutes what he’s done

  8. sunsettommy says:

    I find that Gun violence is worse in liberal dominated cities than in Republican dominated cities,often MUCH worse.

    Leftists are afraid of guns,treating them like living objects deserving to be removed.

    Leftism, is a sign of the irrational,illogical mind.

  9. sunsettommy says:

    What is really sad is that most people are content to be treated like cattle,just believe what they tell you.

    The best possible way in to be a FREETHINKER,blaze your own path in life.

  10. Arn says:

    When i read this name i wanted to make an anal joke,butt now i won’t
    until i’m back on uranus to watch beavis and buddhead.

    Btw- why am i not surprised that his gun violence in Boulder is as existent as AGW?
    With fighting imaginary guys like him makes a lot of money and become famous good doers.

  11. Steven Fraser says:

    A recommendation to those in conversation with the ‘self-identifying carbon-neutrals’:

    Let the Wookie win.

    …at least initially. Making the other person ‘wrong’ right from the ‘git-go’ (the start of conversation) will shunt them toward internal safe-space. In such conversations, you earn the right to be considered credible in their eyes if you are perceived as non-threatening. IMO the best way to do that at the beginning of a conversation with a stranger is to ask a clarifying question, for example ‘When you describe yourself as “carbon neutral”, how did you go about doing that?’, and ‘What challenges did you find Along the way?

    I don’t have an issue with someone that wants to be carbon neutral, as long as they understand what it really would entail if applied robustly on a personal level. My only issue would be if they advocate that I have to be so, too, or, if they wanted me to pay for their neutrality. Then, I would have no qualms about elevating the conversation to the political level.

  12. Buck Turgidson says:

    Sorry Tony, You are living out there near Pinhead Central, I am surprised the city council does not wear beanies w propellers at its meetings.

  13. GW says:

    Tony, you need, or rather “we” need you to be in office. Can’t you get elected or appointed to something where you have some official powers.

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