In Case You Forgot – The Democratic Presidential Candidate Hated Americans

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12 Responses to In Case You Forgot – The Democratic Presidential Candidate Hated Americans

  1. I love Hillary Clinton. We need her out there every day destroying the Democrat brand……..but will it be enough to offset the GOP’s betrayal of their own voters?

    The GOP scares me; everyone can see that they have sold out to the Donor Class. They will turn victory in 2016 into defeat in 2018 by proving they are not ready to govern. They will soon be the “Opposition” party as they have been for most of the last 50 years.

    My guess is that Trump will do a great job without any help from the GOP. Let’s hope there will be a “Trumpist” party in time for the 2020 election composed of the TEA party, the NRA, most of the police, most of the military and immigrants like me who swore to work for this country “without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; so help me God.”

  2. Kris Johanson says:

    I thank God about twice a week Crooked Hillary isn’t running the executive branch of government

    • Squidly says:

      Twice a week? … how about twice an hour. OMG, I can’t even imagine what we would be like right now had Hitlery actually won. I just shudder to think.

  3. RAH says:

    She can’t shut up and the press can’t stop covering what ever she says. Her excuses for losing never end. Everyone’s fault but hers.

  4. Rob says:

    I have come into contact with many of those supporters who do fit the description yet obviously not all 60 mil people who voted for him are like that. Generalizing and profiling entire demographics is something that seems quite common among many “higher ups” on the left.

    I do give killary some credit though as she knows no bounds when it comes to this. She’s recently insulted white women by implying they are basically slaves to their men and that is why many voted for Trump so she’s now pretty much insulted and blamed everyone except blacks which is probably coming soon. Stay classy, killary.

    The amusing thing to me is knowing that she only gets away with all this and somehow still has supporters simply because she is a woman which shows how insane the PC aspect of society has become. If she were a white guy then she’d be butchered over the stuff she says.

    While I’m not a fan of Trump as I find he is a narcissistic fraud (basically obozo 2.0 in this regard) who likes to act like a clown just for the sake of trolling and the country will end up worse off than when he started (just like it has under the last 2 administrations), I can say he doesn’t go to to the levels of insulting people like killary has. Imagine if he implied women were just slaves to their men!

    All in all though, pretty much none of these people really care about the average person and history keeps showing that and the whole two party system is a joke as it’s basically a one party system at the core with just some fluff thrown on to distract and make people think differently. I think people who actually think differently and think politicians care about them are living in some serious denial but hey, to each their own.

    • neal s says:

      Rob thinks that under PDJT “the country will end up worse off than when he started” and sees little difference between him and “obozo”.

      Did someone pay Rob to say that, or is Rob naturally that blind and unaware?

      Or maybe my sarcasm detector is not working properly.

    • Gator69 says:

      Trump is a politician?

  5. RAH says:

    Get a load of this!
    Clinton Compares Trump to Putin: ‘Hopefully He Hasn’t Ordered the Killing of People and Journalists’

    • Gator69 says:

      How many glass houses has she brought down in her lifetime? Does she really need to destroy another?

    • neal s says:

      If you want to know what people on the left are guilty of, just look at what they accuse others of. But then again, we already knew that about Hillary.

    • Kris Johanson says:

      This is a woman who has signed the death warrants and/or ruined the lives of many of her business partners, going all the way back to Arkansas. The death toll around the Clintons was pretty high

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