Just In Case You Thought Scientists Actually Did Science

Left wing hacks pretending to do science.

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53 Responses to Just In Case You Thought Scientists Actually Did Science

  1. neal s says:

    Someone on FB wrote .. ” It’s not meant to be a gesture of disrespect, but the demand of accountability for our leaders in a society of racial discrimination and brutality.”

    But it IS disrespectful. There are other ways that such a message could be clearly articulated without pissing off half the country. If I were to try to swat a fly off your head by using a baseball bat, but accidentally hit you with the bat …. would you feel better if I explained “But I am only trying to help you by swatting away that pesky fly”? Despite my supposed ‘good intentions’, you now have a lump on your head. But, Hey, don’t get mad at me … I only had ‘good intentions’.

    Trump spoke the truth when he said that these players were disrespectful. These players kneeling, while tens of thousands of others are showing proper respect for the Anthem and the Flag, is divisive. These players publicly showing contempt for the American flag for which innumerable Americans risked their lives, were terribly injured, or died, are divisive. Calling them out for it is not divisive, it is telling the truth.

    The players and the NFL need to realize that it doesn’t matter one bit what they meant …. they hit everyone who loves the USA and respects the Flag, in the head with a baseball bat … and we’re not happy about it.

    • David A says:

      It is also a lie, or at best, simply wrong. Any rational look At the evidence puts their claims to shame.

      • David A says:

        …beyond that neither you or I, if working for a company, would be allowed to use their resources, paid for by their customers ( you and me) to stage a political protest. They are welcome to exercise their freedom of speech on their own time, on their own time. They, and any team who’s owner allows this, have well earned any boycott they receive.

      • Bleakhouses says:

        1. I actually had someone say to me “its not about the flag, well it wasn’t until Trump made it that way.” I asked, well why did Kapernick say the following in August 2016 months before even the election? “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color,”

        2. It is a lie, there is scant evidence of racism in policing in general, and none in police shootings. Overall police use some level of physical force (from touchings through pepper spray) on blacks about 17% more than on whites (per 10k interactions), but given that blacks commit violent crime at a rate several multiples higher than whites and kill police officers at an even higher rate you would expect some disparity in the treatment.

        3. Not only is there no evidence of police racism in shootings there is no evidence that police shoot unarmed black people at any different rate. Even worse, with this stat there is evidence that the numbers are “massaged” (where have we seen that before) to produce a desired outcome. The shootings of unarmed black people stat includes a number of innocent bystanders as well as a number of instances where perpetrators were trying to take the officers weapon or the like.

        • Squidly says:

          According to FBI statistics, 61% of all violent crimes are committed by black males. Black males only make up for about 7% of the population. Black males encounter police magnitudes more frequently that white males. When assessing these statistics, it becomes clear that a white male (about 32% of the population) are more than twice as likely to be killed by a cop than a black male.

          When objectively looking at actual statistical data, it becomes absolutely shocking to me that this racial “injustice” narrative has gone anywhere. As you indicate, all of our statistical data over the past few decades completely destroys this lie.

          • Latitude says:

            “According to FBI statistics,”..not just crime

            I find it impossible to believe that a group of people that for the past 1/2 century have had preferential treatment for everything..

            …are oppressed

        • Jeff L. says:

          Please don’t get me wrong because I agree with Trump 100% on this. Regardless of Trump, the NFL rulebook requires all players to stand during the National Anthem.

          Using the crime statistics to make the argument that blacks aren’t being unfairly treated by police ignores the fact that there is a much higher police presence in the poor urban areas where more blacks live. One could argue that the police have greater numbers in those areas because more crime occurs there, but one could also argue that a greater police presence results in more arrests.

          • Pathway says:

            Having a high police presence in poor neighbor hoods, period is reasonable because that is where the crime is. The help protect the neighborhood from the criminals. More cops less crime.

          • Colorado Wellington says:

            “Fox Butterfield, is that you?”

          • rw says:

            Come on. Where have you been for the last 40 years? Violence exploded in the inner cities about a generation after the Moynihan Report warned about the breakdown of the black family (surprise, surprise, cause and effect really do have relevance). The police have been keeping a lid on it in recent years; but the Left saw another chance to undermine the social order, and now those places are headed for complete mayhem.

          • gator69 says:

            So let me get this straight. The higher the crime rate, the greater the arrest rate. That’s pure genius right there!

          • Latitude says:

            One could argue that the police have greater numbers in those areas because ….. senior officers bid those areas because there’s so little to do there.

            do I really need /snark

    • Rob says:

      If they feel there is a problem then they should actually go do something about it. Go talk to the police and politicians to share views. Have some actual dialog.

      Taking a knee doesn’t do anything about it and is nothing but a “look at me gesture” made all the more useless since it is being done by black millionaires who are trying to claim in an indirect way they are being oppressed.

      It’s really not hard to see why the kneeling has upset so many given that. Some white fan who works 50 hours a week making 40-50k and in debt isn’t going to relate to some spoiled athlete trying to claim injustice as he makes more for that 3 hour game than the fan makes in a few years.

  2. kyle_fouro says:

    Looks honestly like a majority of them are being guilted/coerced into kneeling

  3. Robertv says:

    Like Climate Change was never about climate this kneeling protest never has been about police brutality and black lives matter. It is all about divide and conquer by the progressives.
    Hitler’s brownshirts were mostly low IQ and were sacrificed when no longer needed.

    Do they really think that for those in power other Lives Matter? For them we are just guinea pigs and cannon fodder.

    • Arn says:

      If BLM was about Black lives
      they would also talk about all the black people being killed by blacks.
      And this number is much much higher- but they don’t care as they are told not to care and Soros does not pay them to do so.

      If BLM was about Black lives
      they would protest against black people still being enslaved in muslim countries like mauretania and sudan and called abeed(n-worx) in the arab world.

      I’m also pretty sure that this very same guys are also pro gay while they ignore that black gays are treated like shit in black communities.
      But i guess we all know that blatant hipocrisy & good doers are siamese twins .

      Maybe these guys(as they pretend to be scientists) should try to
      find out wether there is a correleation between
      those who are the most violent and commit the most shootings
      and those who are shot by the police as logical result.
      As logical as thos who drive too fast get far more speeding tickets..

      Maybe the reason for this abnormal violence is worship of gang mentality& drugs implanted in peoples minds by ‘celebrities with music ((the people in the photo themselves are mimicing “celebrity” behaviour they saw just a few days ago on tv,because they are just parrots though they are grown ups and well educated-now imagine how it is for a little unprotected child to grow up with violence on tv,in music and on the streets)
      As soon as such negative things go mainstream and become part of “culture” the society gets serious problems.

      The worst thing about the guys in the photo is:
      As they are slimey ,peacefull,anti-gun know-it-alls
      living in a safe-zone ivory tower far away from reality
      who can not even win a fight against a 13 year old
      they are the first ones who call the police
      to protect them when they are in trouble.

      If those guys are scientists they would simply
      do some unbiased statistical research
      -i’m pretty sure they would find out the correlations between violent citizens and cop violence.But they would bury the truth as fast as the inventors of AGW buried Global Cooling
      after they realised 1979 was peak cold and warmer times are coming.
      And they would tamper data and find cheap excuses to keep the world view alive.

      • Squidly says:

        According to FBI statistics, 98% of all black male homicides are committed by black males. 97% of all black homicides are committed by black males.

  4. John of Cloverdale, WA, Australia says:

    I think police should boycott all sports and entertainment events. Then see what happens. Just a thought, even though it won’t happen.

  5. Rob says:

    The thing that bugs me the most about this crap is that they act like non black unarmed people are never shot by police or if they are, that the police are punished for it. Not the case. More unarmed whites are shot by police and the police who do those shootings are not punished because there is a brotherhood type code with police and they don’t want to punish their own.

    Then there is the fact this stuff implies all cops are prejudiced against blacks which is absurd and insulting since most don’t abuse their power. Of course, it’s the lefty way to just generalize entire groups of people while at the same time implying how wrong that is to do. Such hypocrisy. Just as blacks don’t want to be called the “n word” by whites, I don’t wan to be called a white supremacist or racist because I am white. It’s just as ignorant and insulting.

    Most of the high profile stories of blacks being shot by cops have had one thing in common: the black victim didn’t follow the commands of the cop and they were confronted for a reason, even if it was as trivial as a broken taillight. Not saying they deserved to be shot as they didn’t but jeez, just follow the commands as you can’t win that situation. If you feel a cop is abusing his power then deal with it after the confrontation, not during it.

    A big problem is that many blacks who get into that type of situation have surely grown up with people around them telling them how evil the police are and how white people don’t like blacks so they go through life thinking everyone is instantly going to be racist and everything negative that happens to them is because of their race. It’s crazy.

    Even if blacks in certain areas as a whole do get viewed or profiled worse from the police, it is logical that they would since most violent crime is committed by black people. This is a fact that they may not like but hey, facts are facts. Then there is the other fact that something like 85-90% of all crime that blacks are victims of happen at the hands of other blacks. Maybe all these lefties should be taking a knee over that and trying to fix the issues that exist in the black community. Then again, lefties hate facts and reality so they won’t.

    I also really don’t think most blacks have the same view as these lefty SJWs and groups like BLM but they are probably afraid to speak out as they’ll just get called uncle Toms or even more absurd, white supremacists if they do. Charles Barkely got called that before by daring to say blacks need to focus on not killing each other in places like Chicago.

    I am all for everyone of all races to have the same rights and opportunities and I do think that is the case. Some people will be discriminated against because of their race but discrimination happens to people for numerous reasons (looks, weight/body size, disabilities, sexual preference…) and that’s just a fact of life as the world isn’t some great place where everyone gets along. Humans are nothing but talking mammals and mammals often don’t get along with each other.

    Overall though, minorities like blacks are clearly not institutionally oppressed given the country just had a black president for 8 years and all these millionaire black athletes and celebrities are clear examples of how absurd that is as are all the other blacks in higher standing jobs like lawyers and doctors. The key thing is that those people WORKED for where they got and didn’t expect it to just be handed to them because their ancestors may have been slaves and that they somehow deserve something because of that. White people who succeed in life also do so by WORKING for it, contrary to this inane lefty belief that being born white just means everything is going to be great.

    As for the media and dumbocrats in office, they push this stuff because they want the division and are itching for a violent civil war like conflict. The average white person on the left that does this stuff only does so because they feel white guilt for stuff they didn’t even take part in. It’s human nature to often feel guilty for something that you didn’t actually do and there are many examples of family members of violent criminals like serial killers who felt guilty for what the person did even if they themselves weren’t responsible for it. It’s the same for many of these white guilters. I am sickened by what previous generations did towards blacks (and other groups like how bad it was for homosexuals) but I didn’t do it so I am not going to feel guilty over it and allow myself to be manipulated into feeling guilty.

  6. gator69 says:

    The average white person on the left that does this stuff only does so because…

    Because they are ignorant of the facts. There is not one bit of truth to the BLM movement, it is all based upon lies and racism. These people shout us down because they have no answers to our questions. BLM is a terrorist organization.

    • rw says:

      Actually, BLM is a front for about a dozen hard Left organizations. Media Research Center did a great investigative piece on this – as well as who funds them.

      • gator69 says:

        BLM is part of the vast Soros machine, one of the terrorist cogs, you might say.

        • RAH says:

          BLM is nothing more than a way to try and get blacks to the polls after their Messiah was done. Apparently they didn’t want to vote for an old, white, fat, patronizing, woman so I wonder who the democrats will trot out to try and get them motivated to vote this time?

  7. David A says:

    Rob, I agree with most of your comments, except perhaps this,
    ” Not saying they deserved to be shot as they didn’t”
    In my view in many of their chosen instances, the shooting was warranted. ( not always of course), yet as you say, the evidence is that the limited reality of police abuse shows no racial bias.

  8. David A says:

    For 43 years I have worked in the trade show industry all over this Nation. IMV any black individual of equal education who speaks well and does not come across as an angry victim, but does come across as a polite person wishing to provide a service for which they are educated, has a better chance of getting hired then an equally qualified white person, as the vast majority of white people hiring have a conscious or subliminal desire to prove they ate not racist.

    Beyond the laws against racial discrimination, we also have laws that enforce racial discrimination in FAVOR of blacks.

    Not one of these “scientist” can give examples of systemic racism.

    • Squidly says:

      I work for a very large multinational company (about 250,000 employees worldwide). We are one of the largest energy equipment manufacturers in the world. We employ engineers from all around the globe. So, I work with many people of different races and ethnic backgrounds.

      Lately, the black people that I work with appear to be feeling quite embarrassed and ashamed of the events transpiring today. The black people I work with are nothing like those that are pushing these false narratives, but these false narratives are adversely affecting the lives of my black coworkers (who are tremendously good people). No black person that I know agrees with any of these narratives that are being pushed upon us, and most all of them want these narratives to stop, and stop now! .. these false narratives are adversely affecting the lives of my black coworkers and negatively impacting my own life.

      I have a great deal of respect and admiration for those people I work with daily, many of whom are black. They don’t deserve this sort of treatment.

      • David A says:

        Good to hear and confirms my experience.

      • Colorado Wellington says:

        “They don’t deserve this sort of treatment.”

        No, they don’t and it is a tragedy that so many Americans allow identity politics to flourish and racist hucksters to benefit from it.

        I know from personal experience that this is a difficult subject—especially in the workplace—but it is fair to ask competent black Americans who are embarrassed by people like Al Sharpton this question:

        Do you support the Democratic Party that promotes these racist scoundrels and uses group identity politicking for electoral advantage, and if so, why?

  9. Billyjack says:

    The one thing that is never mentioned concerning the police is that the opportunity for conflict has increased massively because of “victimless” crimes or crimes “against the state”. There are thousands of crimes against the state that have turned the police into tax collectors with side arms. Whether it’s putting gasoline in a container not for gasoline, not wearing your seat belt, smoking a joint, talking on your cell phone, I really can’t see whose property or person has been damaged causing a police confrontation.

  10. Gerald Machnee says:

    Well the dodo NFL players “united” against what? Police brutality or Trump?
    And of course the media here in Canada laps up the “united” against Trump failing to note what the protest was originally about. Even that is in doubt(Kaepernick’s motive)

  11. TimA says:

    They are actually bowing to their idol “Climalossus”

  12. scott allen says:

    The NFL fired Hank Williams Jr. (monday night theme song) over remarks he made on a talk show, so tell me again how the NFL and liberals feel about free speech and the first amendment.

    • Buck Turgidson9 says:

      Yeah they also canned Rush L when he dared suggest that black qbs may have been getting preference. Well that wad totally wrong b/c we all remember when the 9ers cracked down on that kaependink jerk and fired his butt when he started kneeling for the national anthem. Yesiree the 9ers wetentctskingc any ofcthat nonsense!

  13. Pathway says:

    These liberal scientist are just virtue signalling. They now feel better about themselves.

  14. R. Shearer says:

    I call their knees and raise them two fingers.

  15. Kris Johanson says:

    I’m done with the NFL. NFL = national felon league.
    It’s just a private business running off of taxpayer money. Approving stadium bonds is like financing a brand new headquarters of a private company.

  16. Buck Turgidson9 says:

    These are “scientists”? Thats a joke, right? Good grief what a motley crew. What kind of “science” do these jerk offs claim to be doing? Someone pays them? They look like a stupid advert for diversity. Maybe they work for the DOE renewable energy clown $how

    • gator69 says:

      Those are not scientists, those are sheep. Your actions define you. It’s not your title, your diploma, or your paycheck that decides what you are. Scientists have a natural curiousity that propels us to ask bold and uncomfortable questions, and clearly this flock is not questioning anything. One quick look into the world of crime statistics, and it becomes clear there is no substance to the BLM movement.

  17. Latitude says:

    Are 345 diversity and social justice courses at UNCC too much?

    “It was basically a course that helped us understand the importance of using hip-hop in higher education to educate African American students or students of color,”

    …why not, ebonics didn’t work


    • RAH says:

      Walter Williams says: “Then there’s education. Many black 12th-graders deal with scientific problems at the level of whites in the sixth grade. They write and do math about as well as white seventh- and eighth-graders.” These are academic studies. This is not his opinion. This is research that has been performed and documented. “All of this means that an employer hiring or a college admitting the typical black high school graduate is in effect hiring or admitting an eighth-grader.”

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