Latest Fraud From Heidi Cullen

Nobody is more consistent and cynical with their climate fraud than Heidi Cullen’s Climate Central. Now they are claiming that summer is lasting longer in Minneapolis, based on a trend started during the ice age scare in 1970.

A look at the NOAA USHCN data shows that over the past century, Minnesota stations (including Minneapolis) are trending towards an earlier last day over 80F (blue bars.)

The average last day above 80F for all Minnesota USHCN stations comes about four days earlier than it did a century ago.

As always, Heidi started her graph at a low point. and hid the warmth before 1970. Minneapolis was 83 degrees on Halloween in 1950.

And, as always, the story gets much worse. The frequency of 80 degree and 90 degree days in Minnesota has plummeted over the past century.

Almost everything Heidi Cullen publishes is fraudulent, and she wants to de-certify any meteorologist who refuses to go along with her fraud.

Summers Are Getting Hotter | Climate Central

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28 Responses to Latest Fraud From Heidi Cullen

  1. John B() says:

    God didn’t make little green apples
    and it don’t snow in Minneapolis in the winter time

  2. RAH says:

    Wonder what Heidi will say if there is a major eruption at Mt. Agung and the ENSO turns sharply negative. Both are predicted. And that combination would certainly cause a plunge in global temps.

  3. Rob says:

    Such a silly thing. A city could have consecutive days of a month or more below 80 then some freak day hits later and bam, that day gets reported and somehow that means the entire period until then was above 80.

    Also, why do specific temperatures become important? So 80 is bad but 78 or 79 is fine? For all we know, the temp of 78 or 79 was going into October in all those years that show 80 ending earlier. I also like the cherrypicking of 1970 as well. Cherrypicking is a requirement for the global warmism religion.

    I fully understand why the fraudsters who push this crap do this yet have to shake my head at the believers who will see the stuff and put value in it.

    I am sure these nuts are having a field day with where I live since these last 3 days (today is going to be the same…supposedly) have basically been the warmest days all year and the two weeks before were very warm after a cool start to the month. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the (legit) warmest Sept that they have on record. We had a fairly mild to typical summer temp wise (though wet) yet now in an almost month long dry spell and with these freak 3-4 day temps, I am sure the nuts are going on and on about it trying to act like this freak period was the standard throughout the summer. Supposedly we are supposed to go back to normal temps later this week.

  4. Steve Case says:

    Even NOAA’s Climate at a Glance and their “fake data” says Heidi doesn’t know what she’s talking about:

  5. Steven Fraser says:

    Yes, Cherries were picked ripely.

  6. Arn says:

    Now some opinion nazis will even try to punish simple scepticism,
    not just denial.
    (who the hell can be questioning theories and predictions which turned out to be almost always wrong and result of forgery-
    must be an insane tinfoil hat conspiracy theorist and not just guys who are fed up with incompetent blatent liars and no longer willing to feed some useless pricks with taxpayers money)

    On the other hand:
    The AGW theorie is so full of poo that it really needs several laws to survive.
    That’s the only way for the village idiot of science to remain the king
    and heidi has to cull opinions.

  7. Mark Fife says:

    In case any of you are wondering where Griff is, go over to WUWT. I guess he or she has given up over here.

    Go say howdy.

  8. Bob Grise says:

    I’m no fan of Cullen either. When she was on the weather channel she was always spouting unsupported allegations. A side note, I thought Bill Nye was the same as Cullen. No, he is more honest. In a ten minute interview recently where Bill was talking about a range of issues, he was spot on right in my opinion with the exception of his claim that the oceans are warming. There is no evidence to confirm that. They warm they cool, but a long term warming trend worldwide, we don’t know that. I’ve seen other interviews of Nye where he was more of an alarmist. Maybe in the recent interview he was having a bad day and forgot to tow the party line more comprehensively. LOL

    • I think you are too kind to Bill Nye. His “Bill Nye Saves the World” TV show deservedly bombed. Here is my comment on Indiewire:

      “If you want to improve your understanding of science don’t watch this show. Bill Nye is completely clueless about science. He has bought into every loony aspect of climate alarmism.
      He starts the show by claiming that sea levels will rise by several feet by the year 2100 so that Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago will be flooded. This is based on embarrassing junk science published by NOAA. In the real world sea levels will rise less than one foot per century just as they have for the last 8,000 years.
      The show goes down hill from there….almost entirely non-science (=nonsense).”

  9. Bob Grise says:

    I live an hour from Minneapolis, in St. Cloud, MN where we have the same climate as Mpls without the large urban heat island. St. Cloud records going back to the 1880s show that 7 months of the year have gotten warmer. 5 months cooler. The 5 cooler months are July, August, Sept, Oct and Dec. So yes, Heidi Cullen is WRONG! St. Cloud temps show the most recent 25 years of temps is a tenth of a degree COOLER than the period of 1900 to thru 1924. There is no climate change. The 1960s and 70s were slightly cooler though.

  10. AZ1971 says:

    Interesting that she called for the AMS to decertify any meteorologist who didn’t toe the line when it comes to anthropogenic climate change—especially since the AMS’s own surveys have shown a much greater propensity for skepticism than the “climate science” experts and are in line with the overall American general public’s consensus, 67% vs. 65%:

    • Colorado Wellington says:

      ”AMS’s own surveys have shown a much greater propensity for skepticism than the “climate science” experts …”

      So? We’d never get anything done with such muddled bourgeois thinking. The proper model for running a successful organization has been known for a whole century.

      The World Congress of the Communist International
      by John Reed
      Sept. 1, 1920

      “Life itself is with the Communist International,” said Lenin. “We may make mistakes, but nevertheless all the revolutionists in the world must come to us, must join us…”

      Millions of workers all over the world, of all races, speeches, and colors, now look to the Communist International, whose Executive Committee, seated at Moscow, will act as the staff of the ever developing world revolution, issuing orders to its different national sections …

      … the Communist Party of each country is a military organization, a centralized and disciplined body of revolutionists, so the new International, unlike the Second International, is a centralized and disciplined army, the movement of each division of which must be strictly subordinated to the interest of the revolution as a whole.

      You must publish all the communications of the Communist International, including those which denounce your leaders and the policy of your party. And when you have done all these things, when you have proved that your party is really a revolutionary Communist Party, not only by words, but also by revolutionary deeds — then we shall be glad to welcome you into the Communist International.

      Published in The Communist [UCP: New York] whole no. 10 (circa Nov. 15, 1920)

      AMS officials better think twice before disobeying comrade Cullen.

  11. kyle_fouro says:

    May or may not have stirred up a hornets nest by posting this link in the comments section on JCurry’s most recent blog post

    Get in there and tangle with Zeke!

  12. Adrian Roman says:

    One of the many problems with climastrology is that there is so much data available that you can p-hack the hell out of it to ‘prove’ anything you want.
    That’s what happens when you substitute the scientific method with numerology.

  13. stpaulchuck says:

    I live in the Twin Cities and this is the third crap “summer” in a row. Temperatures were 10 or more degrees cooler for days and days during this “summer”. June was a write-off for camping and fishing. July and August were very iffy. I pity the folks who did a family vacation on Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend. They froze their buns off. Then there was the rains. It was so wet this “summer” I’ve got leaf mold on all my trees.

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