Latest From The California Permanent Drought

Last year, climate experts, Democratic politicians and the press announced the California Permanent Drought™

California Braces for Unending Drought – The New York Times

Thanks El Niño, But California’s Drought Is Probably Forever | WIRED

Since then, California has had one of their wettest years on record.

The scientists, politicians and journalists behind the climate change scam are complete morons, and have no clue what they are talking about.

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20 Responses to Latest From The California Permanent Drought

  1. oldbrew says:

    Now they want to sue oil companies over rising sea levels.

  2. James Anderson says:

    On last day of summer, California is hit by unusual snow and hail storms
    Snow at Kirkwood, Calif. this week
    Snow at Kirkwood, Calif. this week (AP)
    Associated Press
    Snow fell in Sierra Nevada on the last day of summer, giving the towering mountain range shared by California and Nevada a wintry look in September and making travel hazardous.

    Sixteen vehicles crashed on Interstate 80 as snow and hail fell Thursday, killing a man driving a pickup truck and causing minor injuries to a few other people, said California Highway Patrol Officer Chris Nave.

    Snow dusted peaks in Yosemite National Park and temporarily closed Tioga Pass road, the soaring eastern entry to the park that typically doesn’t become impassable until mid-November.

  3. Arn says:

    California has tons of desert.

    One may think that even the dumbest dumb should have realised that drought in California is the normal state.
    Especially when in this state is one of the hottest spotts on earth=Death Valley.
    One do not need scientists to figure this out,
    but one obviously need scientists to pull one excuse after another out of their butts why their predictions are failing time and time again.

    Such dry areas need more Reservoirs and desalination plants – especially when the population is growing fast and behemoths like silicon valley are getting bigger and bigger.
    And maybe it would not be wrong restrict growing luxury plants there like exotic nuts which needs tons of water to grow but will get you only a few grams in return when harvested.
    (btw- i remember watching a skate documentary from either late 70ies or early 80ies where those guys been skateboarding in swimming pools because there
    was a huge drought.I’m pretty sure this was in california and i’m pretty sure no democrat blamed global cooling at that time)

    Can”t barely wait for the next episode of “another lame excuse for failed predictions=we call it science”

  4. Rob says:

    The key is to have these global warmism nuts say something if you want the opposite to happen.

    I wish they’d talk about where I live going into a long drought so we’d get some rain again as we haven’t had a drop for about a month (after a very rainy spring and earlier summer) and my well and cistern are getting low.

  5. Buck Turgidson says:

    California’s biggest ‘water problem’ is an open border with Mexico and the influx of millions of illegals from south of the border, none of whom bring water with them –except in the millions of discarded plastic gallon containers in the littered and trashed landscape everywhere along the border. This has blown water demand in the CA (& SW US) through the roof.


  6. David M. says:

    First, Texas broke its “permanent” drought. Now, CA breaks its “permanent” drought, and the Houston, TX region is sopping up 50″ of rain. Alarmists groan privately, “Drat, wrong again!:-(”

    Is the time right to add Mann-made drought to the list of Mann-made climate catastrophes?

  7. David M. says:

    First, TX broke its permanent drought. Now, CA breaks its permanent drought, and TX’s Gulf Coast is sopping up a record 50″ of rain. The sobbing you hear is alarmists groaning “Drat, wrong AGAIN!”

    Is the time right to add Mann-made drought to the list of Mann-made climate catastrophes?

    • Arn says:

      Mann-made global tax was
      made up for men
      so that the Mann’s can become made Mans
      at the expense of men.

    • Andy DC says:

      It was almost funny at the Democratic Convention of 2016, a video was shown about the horrific Texas drought, right after Texas had two straight years of record rainfall.

      Did any of the so-called fact checkers in the media even question those ridiculous lies? I sure never heard a word about it from the fake “investigative reporters”! But every time Trump picks his nose, it is headline breaking news!

  8. David M. says:

    After posting the above, I recalled the end of Australia’s permanent “Millennium Drought” preceded the end of TX’s permanent drought. Gaia yet again humiliates Mann-made climate catastrophists.

    Despite the “Millennium Drought”, those committed to curtailing CO2 emissions propose building in ARID Australia thousands of pump storage hydro electric facilities to store energy generated by wind turbines. What could possibly go wrong with such a “solution” to wind electricity’s inherent flaws?

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