Plummeting September Temperatures In The US

US September temperatures peaked in 1931, and have plummeted since the 19th century.

This is particularly important, because the US is the only large area with meaningful long term temperature data.

NOAA publishes fake red maps like this one month after month – with almost all the data simply made up.

Global Climate Report – July 2017 | State of the Climate | National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI)

The people generating these maps are not scientists – they are crooks paid to push the global warming agenda.

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2 Responses to Plummeting September Temperatures In The US

  1. gator69 says:

    Fake it til ya make it!

  2. Douglas Hoyt says:

    Instead of using anomalies (which hide a lot of problems), they should use temperatures directly in degrees Kelvin. If they can’t then get a global mean temperature close to 288 K, then they have insufficient areal coverage to make any judgment about global temperature variations.

    I have done this, and it is not until the early 1960s that you get sufficient coverage to say anything worthwhile. It is better to just use the satellite observations starting in 1979.

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