September Temperatures Have Plummeted At All East Coast And Gulf Coast Stations

After the quietest decade for US hurricanes on record, we get a couple of hurricanes and the press immediately blames global warming and declares it to be the new normal.

It took me exactly 45 seconds to determine that September temperatures have plummeted at all of the US East Coast and Gulf Coast states, since their peak in the 1920’s.

All of the claims from leading climate scientists being quoted in the press are nothing but superstition, lies and utter nonsense.

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10 Responses to September Temperatures Have Plummeted At All East Coast And Gulf Coast Stations

  1. Looking at Access to Energy records I notice warmunism grew as “surrender to Soviets” shrank in efficacy. The purpose of both is to replace egotistical freedom from coercion with altruistic coercion, nationalization and transfer payments from producers to non-producers. Rather than a change in values, what we are seeing is a shift in emphasis due to the loss of Soviet power to threaten with fusion bombs. The cast of surviving characters is also much the same. Freeze (and surrender) is replaced by Sovietize (or broil). Yet cooling trend data from all thermometers functioning since 1920–which disprove all such chicanery–are now ignored by the media Nixon’s congress hired to ignore the Libertarian party.

  2. jack b :-) says:

    I was wearing jeans, boots and a jacket on a (n oil) rig here in W. Tx. this morning. The last 6 or 7 years i was in shorts until early to mid october. We saw low hundreds for the peaks here in june / july this and the last couple summers. Prior to 2015, summer heat routinely topped 110°, with 120°+ on caliche well pads for 8-10 days. That’s reflected heat, about 4-6 feet off the ground. Rig floors’ a good bit cooler due to shade, constant drilling fluids running over @ connections and more breeze at 15-20′ above ground.
    Of course i had a/c in my motorhome, when i wasn’t running around.

  3. Andy DC says:

    It is all about sacrificing freedom and wealth to a radical environmentalist, communistic world government. Then we would still have hurricanes. People would be outraged, but would have no power or freedom. Is that the kind of society that we would want?

  4. Andy says:

    The problem is Tony that you cannot blame the AGW press for jumping on cyclones in a short period of time when you have constantly jumped on the fact no cyclones for a length of time hitting the USA means something else in the climate debate. Neither does.

    No hurricanes hitting the USA in 10 years means nothing for the climate debate.
    3 hurricanes hitting the USA in 2 weeks means nothing for the climate debate.

    Your flag in the sand was that no hurricanes had hit the USA in lots of years, multiple posts on it. Now they hitting the USA in a short period you seem to have flip flopped to it not being a relevant factor.

    Best to ignore hurricanes completely for climate debates until there is a scintilla of proof either way on whether AGW has any effect. Then argue it.



    • Gator says:

      Yeah. Can you show us where you have incessantly harrassed a climate alarmist for years on end?

    • RAH says:

      Sure he can because that same “AGW Press” claimed after Katrina and the record setting season of 2005 that those kind of storms would become the new normal for the US and then what happened? 11 years and over 10 months without a major striking the US!

      And don’t try to make me dig out the proof of that because one only needed to be alive and aware in 2005 to KNOW that is the case.

      You try to act as though your impartial but your anything but. That makes you worse than the likes of Griff in my book!

    • Rob says:

      I think there is a big difference between someone commenting on 11 years of no major hits and someone acting like the sky is falling because of 2 or 3 in a couple weeks. For all we know this is a freak incident and there will be another 11 years of no major strikes after this year. For the cultists in the press to act like this is the new normal when there is zero evidence of that (and the last 11 years saying otherwise) is just another example of their BS.

      I do agree that the hurricane stuff should be kept out but if the frauds and cultists in the media are going to go on about it then no reason why Tony can’t counter that.

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