This Date In 1900 – Galveston Destroyed By A Hurricane

On this date in the year 1900, Galveston, Texas (where I had the first date with my future wife) was destroyed by a hurricane. Ten thousand people died in America’s deadliest natural disaster.

09 Sep 1900, 7 – Great Falls Tribune at     

The storm traveled very slowly, causing a huge storm surge. The Weather Bureau Chief claimed later that they gave the public lots of warning about the storm.

11 Oct 1900, 7 – The Marion Star at

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5 Responses to This Date In 1900 – Galveston Destroyed By A Hurricane

  1. RAH says:

    I have read several personal accounts about this storm from survivors on Galveston. It was an evening and night of sheer terror.

    BTW Joe Bastardi in this mornings daily update is saying that Irma will gain strength before it hits the Keys and Florida coast and said “it could rival what happened in 1935”. He now has the track west of Miami.

    • tonyheller says:

      That track would be much less damaging than up the East Coast

      • RAH says:

        But less helpful for me personally because our family has a home at Port Charlotte on a channel and not directly on the bay or Gulf coast shore. Still I hope Joe is right about the track moving west of Miami but wrong about the increase in intensity.

        How quickly things change. This morning after watching Levi’s latest and checking out the National Hurricane Center site I emailed people telling them is was a safe bet that Irma would not be the most intense hurricane to strike US shores and Miami was in the cross hairs. Now, five hours later, Joe makes it clear that he believes there is a chance it will rival the 1935 hurricane and Miami is no longer set to take a direct hit! I guess I still lack the wisdom and knowledge to keep my mouth shut an await further development sometimes.

  2. jack b :-) says:

    Bastardi’s stating Florida Keys, then Naples/ Marco Island+/- as eyewall landfall, as of his report: 3:45pm fri. 9-8-17. Storm will strengthen before landfall. Ouch.

  3. RAH says:

    As big as this storm is one can think of Florida as one big island. If the current track projection plays out more than half of the state will be experiencing hurricane force winds at the same time. Storm surge will hit both coasts. And many with the exception possibly of the far west pan handle will see hours of hurricane force winds from one direction then a shift of wind direction of up to 180 degrees and then more hours hurricane force winds. This is going to be a very bad deal for sure.
    Ryan Maue says:

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