Bill Nye : Frozen Illinoisans and New Yorkers To Punish Denier States!

According to Bill Nye, the frozen residents of New York and Illinois will punish energy producing states by ceasing to purchase fuel. And Californians will quit driving their cars.

Bill Nye: Blue States Will ‘Impose Economic Sanctions’ Against Climate Change-Denying States – Breitbart

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14 Responses to Bill Nye : Frozen Illinoisans and New Yorkers To Punish Denier States!

  1. RAH says:

    Three days without a truck going into any one of the major cities would have them crying uncle.

  2. Extreme Hiatus says:

    Bill Nye is the PERFECT spokesman for the CAGW Gang.

    It would be challenging to invent a more suitably ridiculous character. Gore is an appropriate ‘leader’ too but, unlike Nye, he is clever enough to know when not to talk – like anytime anyone asks him a semi-intelligent question.

  3. gregole says:

    Let’s see, California, New York, and Illinois…losing people to better run states.

    Places the locals are leaving; and oddly enough in certain cases the population of these places is stable or growing – because of foreign immigration:

    Population replacement. But as far as blue states “punishing” red states; that’s pure fantasy.

    • RAH says:

      They aren’t just losing people, they’re losing businesses. And the rate of loss for both can be expected to increase when the new tax bill takes effect.

  4. JohnC. says:

    NY Gov. Cuomo has banned fracking in his State. Neighboring Pennsylvania has around 17,000 fracking wells (employing tens of thousands of workers) exporting massive quantities of natural gas to other states, including NY. This places Gov. Cuomo in a moral dilemma. He objects to the use of natural gas out of his concerns that it is harmful to the environment. Nonetheless, NY uses a lot of it, much from fracking. I would help the Gov. resolve his dilemma by refusing to allow any domestic gas to be transported to NY. New Yorkers would then freeze in dark houses but the Gov. would be spared his moral angst.

  5. Cam says:

    William (Bill) Sanford Nye. What do you expect from a guy whose name spells BS?

  6. Ernest Bush says:

    Is this supposed to frighten us? We grow the food that is eaten in blue states and he wants them to boycott us? No sane writer could dream this stuff up.

  7. Justa Joe says:

    CA & IL are two of the biggest welfare queen states in the union. Both of which will ultimately have to be bailed out by RED and purple states.

    Why anybody listens to Nye is beyond me. The guy, who wasn’t really qualified to begin with, has disqualified himself 10X over with ridiculous statements. The idea that IL is doing ANYTHING laudable, worthy of emulation, or even effective is ABSURD especially in the energy arena.

  8. Dastardly says:

    I suppose the Red state of Alaska can refuse to launch its anti-ballistic missile inbound for Washington State, California, NY or anyone of those blue states until they PAY for the privilege of being defended.

    In that vein I guess the red states could charge a bit extra for coal, natural gas and gasoline. Just a bit.

    Perhaps the red states could charge a bit extra for all that food grown in the so called fly over states. Or perhaps surcharge all their semis leaving the West coast for the east or vice versa.

    See this is the kind of thing that has me predicting that the USA is destined to break up into two nations. And after it does the Blue states not content to leave us alone, will start a war like they did during the Civil War and force their wills upon us.

    I am not advocating this because the USA is a symbiotic relationship where all the parts work to make the whole but really the lunatic left is forcing this on conservative states with their insane antics which are destablizing at the very least.

  9. pseudo-intellectual says:

    There is nothing “progressive” about blue states like Illinois (my home state) and New York.

    They are EXCESSIVE.

  10. Scientific uncertainty spread by the fossil fuels industry has zero to do with me wanting to be warm in the winter and being willing to pay to do it. I like not freezing to death so much that I look very unfavorably on anyone who intentionally drives the price of fuel up, thus causing me to pay more to avoid death. I further get pretty peeved when I discover that the only reason these other people want to do this is so that they can become incredibly wealthy by selling carbon credits, which are created out of thin air and need government to force people to buy them. The perfect protection racket. It would be illegal if anyone by the government were doing it. If anyone by government were doing it, it would be met with pitchforks and torches.

  11. Spurwing Plover says:

    Bill Nye a a total idiot and Al Bore as well as DiCaprio,Suzuki,David(Laurie)Travolta and all those leaders and members of the various Eco-Wacko groups as well as Robert Kennedy Jr with his mindless rantings and those who took part in the Useful Idiots Climate March

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