Birds On Ice

It is a cold, frozen morning in Boulder – but it doesn’t seem to bother my flying friends.


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  1. Rick says:

    Nice Townsend’s Solitaires!

  2. RAH says:

    Well the birds sure are paying attention here. About 5″ of snow on the ground and a wind chill of -2 (ambient 14 F) has them busy at my feeders. During this kind of weather they will go through nearly 4 lb. of seed in a day + one 2″ thick by 5″ x 6″ seed block every other day. I was just outside and spread some extra on the snow for the ground feeders.

  3. RAH says:

    Birds at my feeder that I’ve seen today
    About 5 species of sparrows
    House Finches
    Morning Doves
    Blue Jays
    Downy woodpeckers
    Hairy woodpeckers
    Red Bellied woodpeckers
    Male and female Cardinals
    Tufted Tit mice
    The usual gang of European Starlings
    And the one time I saw both my feeder and my seed black cages empty and not in use and no other birds in sight was when a Red Tail Hawk came by and hung around for a little while.

    • shempus says:

      They scare them, though a Red Tail could’t catch them. When my Mom’s feeder goes quiet we usually see the resident Cooper’s Hawk. She will get them and does.

    • shempus says:

      oh and Tony’s pretty kestrels will take smaller birds all day long as well.

    • RAH says:

      I think the Red Tail got a mouse or shrew or something. He swooped down as if going after something on the ground and then went back up into the tree. Stayed there a few minutes then moved to another tree for awhile then finally left.

  4. WesTyler says:

    Tony..still trying to figure out how to send a comment not attached to one of your postings..anyhow..I thought you may find this of interest..
    On this day in 1921,(December 30) Columbia, SC observed its latest seasonal freeze of record with 30 was said that at Christmas, careful growers were still taking in tomatoes from the vine..source CLIMOD Northern Regional Climate Center..just retired from 32 years as SC Assistant State Climatologist..enjoy you images!..I have more..Wes Tyler Columbia SC

  5. toorightmate says:

    You seem almost engrossed in birds as Bill Clinton.
    Happy and Prosperous New Year one and all, from the land down under.

  6. TA says:

    Tony, as always, great pictures.

    I saw a really interesting show about bird intelligence on the NOVA science program the other day. It was amazing to see just how smart birds are.

    They tested some crows and some parrots because they have larger brains and because they live longer than most birds, with parrots living up to 80 years, so they assume older birds will have more experience and be smarter. And they were. Very smart.

    One test they did was to use two plastic cups and they would hide the bird’s treat under one of the cups, and then they would bring in the bird, and the scientist would not move or gesture, but would only move his eyes, and would look at the bird, and then look at the cup that had the treat under it and the bird understood what was happening and got the food every time. The whole thing was pretty amazing to watch.

    And they talked about smaller birds with smaller brains but they said the smaller brain may not be a handicap to the bird’s intelligence because they discovered that the smaller brains packed more neurons into the same amount of space as a larger-brained animal.

    Very interesting.

    Animals are definitely smarter than most of us think.

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