DMI 1991 : Arctic Ice Thickening Since The 1940’s

On the contrary, temperatures have been falling steadily since the 1940s in Greenland, and the polar ice cap is getting thicker and thicker,” Lars Prahm, director of the Danish Meteorological Institute, said at the close of the annual meeting of Nordic Meteorological Institutes.

Mr Prahm, the meeting’s host, dismissed predictions by some scientists that the ice in Greenland, the world’s largest ice-covered island, would melt gradually, causing oceans to rise and flooding low-lying areas around the world, including Bangladesh, the Maldives and some Pacific states.

16 Aug 1991 – Cold water poured on theory that earth is warming up   h/t Andy Oz

He may have been responding to this wildly fraudulent claim three years earlier.

26 Sep 1988 – Threat to islands

NOAA climate scientists have since erased all the ice data before the 1979 peak, because it wrecked their global warming scam.

Unfortunately for NOAA climate fraudsters, the 1990 IPCC report documented the data they threw out.

1990 IPCC Report

Similarly, NOAA and NASA have erased the fall of Greenland temperatures from the 1940’s through 1990.

Measured                   Adjusted

In 1989, NOAA’s Tom Karl said most global warming occurred before 1919, and that Earth cooled from 1921 to 1979.

07 Dec 1989, Page 14 – Santa Cruz Sentinel 

Global warming is the biggest scam in science history, driven by tens of billions of dollars of government money – which has completely corrupted science.

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