Global Warming : A Return To The Hannibalian Era In The Alps

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4 Responses to Global Warming : A Return To The Hannibalian Era In The Alps

  1. RAH says:

    The search for the pass that Hannibal used has been going on for centuries. Perhaps now there is some evidence of where his Army passed over the Alps now.

    What this article does not include is the fact that the other passes in the area are far less suitable because their decent is so steep. Nor that the Col de la Traversette pass also has a large debris field that covers the steepest part of the decent on the Italian side. It is recorded that Hannibal had his soldiers build a road from debris from the steep top of the pass forming a ramp to ground with a shallow enough slope that his men and his animals could transit.

    It will be interesting to see what emerges from further archeological excavation of the bog.

  2. Andy DC says:

    That can’t be snow! Leading climate scientists tell us that it never snows in the Alps anymore and that the ski industry in the Alps no longer exists. I just read that a couple of weeks ago, and we all know that a scientist would never tell a lie!

  3. Daniel Taylor says:

    Here’s another article on that, detailing how glaciers in the Alps have been on a cycle of retreat and growth since the end of the last Glacial period. As it turns out, the Alps have had many periods of time with glaciers as small or smaller than today.

    • arn says:

      Who would have though that climate and therefore growth&shrinking of glaciers and arctic sea ice is part of the cycles(and subcycles) which dominates our climate for millions and millions of years?

      (before the 1980ies co2 was a jobless non faktor in terms of climate,
      now it is the almighty king from hell holding us ranson to carbon-tax- ransom)

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