Global Warming Coming Soon To Boulder

The forecast high of 9F on Thursday would be tied for second coldest December 23 on record in Boulder.

An extended cold snap like this can be very hard on wildlife, like this buck I saw at NCAR yesterday.  It can also be very hard on NCAR climate scientists pushing the global warming scam.

10-Day Temperature Outlook for the Conterminous U.S.

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6 Responses to Global Warming Coming Soon To Boulder

  1. Marcel Fiechter says:

    Hello Tony, Great Picture, on ftp I found pub/data/ushcn with the tamper-Flag E you were showing me. Where can I find this monthly data for the rest of the world? I would like to see, which stations are Fake in Switzerland.

  2. Marcel Fiechter says:

    Thanks. You mentioned almost all stations of Africa are virtual. How is it possible to see, if a station in africa is fake or not on

    • Marcel Fiechter says:

      I found the answer myself:
      So this is all fake.
      It would be good to put your youtube-videos to steemit. I and all the others could upvote you and the content would be absolutely save on the blockchain. The state could always close realclimatescience or climateaudit. Gregory Mannarino does this since 7 months. He earned 28000$ in this time. It’s not that much but it’s a start and steemit looks to grow like crazy. I would even earn to upvote you.

  3. Frank K. says:

    I’ll be in Longmont CO next week for Christmas with family. Better bring my cold weather gear!

  4. Misanthropic Marc says:


    Does Toto have snow boots? I hope so…. that puppy cold!


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