Scientists Running The Planet On Fairy Dust

Scientists say that the UK can run on “wind, water and solar” by the year 2050.

Nearly 140 countries could be powered entirely by wind, solar and water by 2050 | The Independent

Let’s look and see if their claim makes any sense. On November 2, 2017 the UK generated almost no wind power, and very little solar power – on a day when demand was quite high. The country was almost entirely dependent on fossil fuels and nuclear power.

Live monitoring of the UK electricity National Grid

What caused this?  There was almost no wind, and very little sun.  Had the UK relied on wind, solar and water power that day, people would have been dark, cold, hungry and cut off from all communications.

The law of conservation of energy tells us that you can’t create energy from nothing, no matter how many times climate scientists imagine they can do it. This is why we have engineers to design the grid. Most scientists have never done anything practical in their lives, never developed a product, and believe that any idea which pops into their head must be true.

You wouldn’t trust a climate scientist to do brain surgery or make a climate forecast. Why would you trust them with your children’s future?  They are a bunch of incompetent. scientific hacks – not engineers. They don’t have the skills necessary to make this sort of determination.

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11 Responses to Scientists Running The Planet On Fairy Dust

  1. TimA says:

    Are there going to be electric jets? I won’t ride one. You’d think they’d celebrate the nearly miraculous lifestyle we lead due to fossil fuels. They clearly have a (not so) hidden agenda which leads to serfdom or extinction for most of us.

  2. Gamecock says:

    ‘Create about 24 million more jobs than were lost.’

    Morons. Jobs are a cost, not a benefit.

    • gator69 says:

      12 million cutting trees, 6 million splitting logs, 3 million stacking cord wood, 2 million building wood burning stoves, and 1 million salesmen.

      • Colorado Wellington says:

        On the 358th day before Christmas
        my true love sent to me:
        Some kindling from a pear tree

        On the 357th day before Christmas
        my true love sent to me:
        2 little matches
        and more kindling from a pear tree

  3. arn says:

    Only people who believe that 0.01% co2 can increase world temperature by 10 degrees can come up with that bullshit.

    Let’s pretend we can increase the output windmills&solarpaneels and waterpowerolants by 200% right now ,we could not replace 75%(=140 countries) of todays fossil and atomic energy by 2100.
    And maybe by 2150 they can reach the goal((but only with the 140 smallest countries))

    This is just another blatant lie to push glibalisation.

  4. Gamecock says:

    Where they going to get the land for all this happy horseshit?

    • Kris Johanson says:

      Plans called for a Germany-sized photovoltaic plant in North Africa. Supposedly that would provide enough juice to power Europe.
      It looks good on a map, but when you actually drill down on the engineering side it’s impossible. Plus, terrorists would blow it up

    • Kris Johanson says:

      Another plan was to turn Arizona into 10″ deep Algae pond. This would provide enough bio-diesel to at least make a dent.
      Again, it looks real nice on paper but it’s unworkable for numerous reasons.
      People just pointed out that if you wanted really big Algae production, just do in the oceans and harvest it there. It will never happen for a host of reasons

  5. Luke of the D says:

    Its funny how much of their generation is from coal, oil, and natural gas (CCGT and OCGT), and yet somehow they expect to completely eliminate all that energy generation in less than 33 years. How exactly do they think they will accomplish this? Who will pay for it? Windmills and solar plants are not cheap (or efficient, or reliable, or maintenance free). Where will all these windmills and solar plants actually go (the UK isn’t exactly a big place and ocean bound facilities are ridiculously expensive)?

    • Kris Johanson says:

      How accomplish? I don’t think a well thought-out plan exists… it’s all political-driven. How do you forceably shut down perfectly-functioning gas turbine cogeneration plants which haven’t been amortized yet? I don’t think anyone knows…

      Who pays? This is the problem with Europe. There’s no birth-rate anymore, thus no one to pay for ongoing socialized medicine and pensions. That’s why they need young Muslims real bad. The entire thing will soon collapse in my opinion resulting in more wars and suffering.

      Not cheap? Yes, actually wind and solar have higher ‘levelized costs’ than natural gas or coal fired. The costs of land, permitting issues, and a whole host of weird operating costs make them more expensive. That’s why they’re all subsidized with government phony-money

  6. Steve Case says:

    From my tag line file:

    Left-wing Liberal Democrats and the Main Stream media have no sense of numbers, science and reality. That’s why they think we can power the world’s economy on wind mills, solar panels, and squirrel cages.

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