Something Michael Mann Will Never See

Fred Reines won the Nobel Prize in Physics (and the associated million dollars) in 1995 for detecting neutrinos, but he made a mistake in 1956 which long delayed his award.

My father worked with Reines, and told me this story yesterday at dinner. Reines published a paper in 1956 about his neutrino experiments, but failed to make any mention of possible error in his calculations. As it turned out, his calculations were off by a factor of two – which lead to mistrust in the physics community. Eventually Reines overcame the mistrust and did win the Nobel Prize, but by 1995 he was already suffering dementia and wasn’t able to fully enjoy it.

Michael Mann believes he already won the Nobel Prize, despite an error in his hockey stick of ~∞. Mann could gain a little respect by admitting that his hockey stick is complete garbage.

Perhaps dementia has already set in?  Maybe we should give Mann a million dollar bill, to make him feel better.

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8 Responses to Something Michael Mann Will Never See

  1. Pathway says:

    Something else Mann will never see is scientific integrity.

  2. Texas sharp-shooter says:

    There’s always Last of the Mohicans, right?

  3. gregole says:

    Yes, as a matter of fact, Global Warming is Mann-Made.

  4. arn says:

    Why should Mann admitt a thing.

    Bevolent sociopath from the 100%-failed-predictions-but-still -know-it-all superexperts are not able to do so.

    Paul Ehrlich predictions have all turned out to be 100% bullshit.
    He missed everytime everything(proven by reality) with his apocalyptical
    overpopulation,famine etc predictions and still nowadays he claims to be right
    people are still dying from hunger.
    ((ignoring that nowadays this is mostly result of wars,lack of infrastructure&education and destribution))

    With such a pervert logic(( people have been dying from hunger hundreds of thousands ago))
    you’ll always be right somehow as
    even when people no longer die from hunger he will say:”many are still dying every day-i was right that many people will die”

  5. RAH says:

    One of my hopes for the New Year is that Mann is decimated in Canadian and US courts. They can’t delay litigation and judgments forever!

  6. Andy DC says:

    A lot of alarmists are going to get laughed out of town with this cold pattern firmly entrenched and nearly the entire country having way below normal temperatures.

    But never fear, 2017 will be the warmest year on record as will 2018. It will just a take some expert interpolations and extrapolations the park of climate scientists, as well as the usual adjustments to force the data to conform to the climate models. The scientific method at its finest, when it comes to retaining their funding.

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