‘Unreasonably Cold”

You can’t have “unseasonably cold” weather in January. Which season is it supposed to be this cold?  A better term would be “unreasonably cold.”

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  1. RAH says:

    No let up in sight. Got a nice light snow this morning. Enough to make the yards and fields pristine in their whiteness again and to require me to do a little shoveling to reclear the deck.

  2. Psalmon says:

    The resemblance of that map to 1977 is striking. Warmth in Alaska, drought in CA, bitter cold in the East.

  3. Norilsk says:

    Tell Al Gore to get his mouth open so that we can have some heat.

  4. Norilsk says:

    Unseasonably cold is right. It was -24 C when I got home from nightshift. Now I’m thawing out some frozen pipes.

    • Stewart Pid says:

      Norilsk – u using a hair dryer …. that works well in my experience but u may trash the hair dryer if it isn’t a quality unit.

      • gator69 says:

        Yep, once thawed my pipes with a blow dryer. I concentrated on the choke points, and it broke free faster than I would have guessed.

      • Norilsk says:

        I just put an electric heater in the crawl space and went to sleep. Now about 3 hours later and the water is flowing. Will there be any leaks is the next question?

    • menicholas says:

      You have pipes that froze to -24 and did not burst?

      • Norilsk says:

        First inspection and no major breaches and no sound or sign of dripping. Detailed inspection later. It wouldn’t have got that cold underneath the house and the pipes are located close to the underside of the ground level floor.

        In the days of global warming and trying to reduce my carbon footprint I had sealed the hole where all the pipes from the utility room enter the crawl space. It must have been just enough heat reduction to tip the balance.

    • menicholas says:

      I can commiserate, sorta.
      A few weeks ago there was one night that was so cold, that some frost formed on the roof of my car!
      Glad we have not had any more of that.
      Florida is filling up fast…get yours while the getting is good.
      Winter is coming…bad Winter.

      • Norilsk says:

        There was some moron 20 years ago or more that said southern Ontario would be as warm as Florida in the winter. I’m still waiting. Maybe Florida will get as cold as southern Ontario instead.

  5. Gamecock says:

    We are having temperatures at the lower end of our climate range. In other words, normal. It’s just weather; our climate isn’t changing.

    • RAH says:

      I’ll agree it’s just weather. But what this is about is the fact that we’re not supposed to be having this kind of weather anymore. We’re not supposed to be having the kind of temperatures and snowfall we’re having now according to the alarmists and IPCC. And when we do they hurry to conjure up some pure BS to try and blame it on “climate change”.

      Time and time again we see them claim everything from tropical storms and tornadoes to heat waves to wild fires to droughts are signs of or made worse by “climate change” and it is very difficult to not just give them back the pure BS they’ve been dishing out for decades now.

      The president tweets out a standard joke repeated often by regular people in such circumstances and the humorless alarmists go wacko!

  6. Maybe if we do this, it will add latent heat to the atmosphere and it won’t be so damn cold here!


    Can you believe this moron is teaching?

  7. FrankSW says:

    Try 1990 (89?) as well while I was in Oregon It was so fast from a relatively mild afternoon to being moved out of the hotel near midnight because of frozen pipes. They had similar weather to this year where the cold swept down across almost the whole of the US, Florida escaped that time.

    It was explained to me at the time that that cold fronts engulfing Canada and the Northern US was not that unusual.

    Seems like this is still the case

    PS – Love the photos of Boulder, keep it up

  8. Lance says:

    -36C this morning in Okotoks, AB….but this is just weather….when we hit 36C in July, that was Climate….JUST in case anyone wanted to know.

  9. pwl says:

    Seems more like “seaonably cold” and “reasonably cold for the given season”.

    Back in the 70’s we’d walk up hill to school in the snow at -44C and walk home up hill in -44C not counting windchill factors that would subtract another 10C to 20C… the schools in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada only closed at -45C… we had to plug in our car engine block heaters at night otherwise they would freeze and burst… so lamp posts in front of the houses had three pronged electric plugs, neighbors or strangers would even use these at night. People are wimps today.

    I for one welcome any warming, bring it on. Damn wishing for it doesn’t make it happen.

  10. Extreme Hiatus says:

    “Extreme cold weather is forcing cities around Canada to alter New Year’s Eve celebrations.”


    CAUTION: Canada’s CBC is a relentless propaganda source for CAGW but I’m too lazy to look for other links.

  11. RAH says:

    OT. Thought I would check out the Inflation Adjusted Tornado count on this last day of 2017. Were right at the 50th percentile this year.
    So despite three major hurricane hits we have had a year where the count is just right at the average.

    For some reason NOAA has not done another breakdown showing the numbers of the different storms by their rating on the EFS for 2016 like they show for 2015. Wonder why?

  12. Squidly says:

    It is definitely “unreasonably” cold here in middle Tennessee … I thought we lived in the “south”, and for a reason.

  13. Brad says:

    today’s high was -8 F and we had half mile blizzard since yesterday around midday…finally let up near 5 PM here in eastern ND. Windchill -35 to -40 since midnight last night made for chilly snowdrift shoveling…had to put on my twice a winter long johns and a scarf…which I hate cuz my glasses then fog up while working hard and fast.

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