SCIENCE : Earth To Become A Desert – Again

Newsweek says global warming is going to turn Earth into a desert by 2050, unless we implement the Paris agreement.

Earth Will Start Becoming a Desert by 2050 If Global Warming Isn’t Stopped, Study Says

That won’t be the first time this happened, in 1923 eminent scientists said Earth would dry up unless humans built canals – like the Martians did.

10 Jul 1923 – IS THE EARTH DRYING UP ? – Trove

In 1975, Newsweek said drought was caused by global cooling. But now they say it is caused by global warming.

Newsweek April 28, 1975

Never mind that the US has been getting steadily wetter since 1895.

Climate at a Glance | National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI)

And never mind that the Paris agreement is a total fraud.

James Hansen, father of climate change awareness, calls Paris talks ‘a fraud’ | Environment | The Guardian

Climate scientists need their funding, and no lie is too big for them any more.

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38 Responses to SCIENCE : Earth To Become A Desert – Again

    • Texas sharp-shooter says:

      Yeah! Yeah, but then all the plants are gonna suck up all the water and then wuddya got. A drought! And probably a zit on your nose, too from all the Catastrophic Global Wet/Dry Hot/Cold. Sheesh! Get some science!

    • AndyG55 says:

      And more rain because a warmer atmosphere evaporates and holds more water vapour.

      Its so confusing, isn’t it ;-)

    • Winnipegboy says:

      Another major benefit of atmospheric CO2 enrichment is that plants exposed to elevated levels of atmospheric CO2 generally do not open their leaf stomatal pores – through which they take in carbon dioxide and give off water vapor – as wide as they do at lower CO2 concentrations. In addition, they tend to produce less of these pores per unit area of leaf surface at higher levels of atmospheric CO2. Both of these changes tend to reduce most plants’ rates of water loss by transpiration; and the amount of carbon they gain per unit of water lost – or water-use efficiency – therefore typically rises, greatly increasing their ability to withstand drought.

      The reduction in leaf evaporation rate produced by this phenomenon can be as much as a third for a doubling of the air’s CO2 content; and combining this effect with the simultaneous 30 to 50% CO2-induced increase in plant productivity, which is described in More CO2 Means More Plant Growth, dramatically increases the efficiency with which individual leaves utilize water to produce organic matter. In many cases, in fact, a doubling of the atmospheric CO2 concentration actually doubles leaf water use efficiency.

      google anything about plants and co2 you will find articles gushing with the plant growth benefits of higher co2 levels.

      • Latitude says:

        or this way…
        Current conditions cause plants to have to work harder…
        …nothing evolves to work harder
        ie….current conditions are going against evolution

    • arn says:

      Well-planet 70%covered with water.When it gets warmer=more evaporation=more clouds=more rain=overall more water

      Increase the number of plant food(co2) by 1/3
      and this insignificant increase of climate gas but significant increase
      in plant food.

      Both factors will increase plant growth and reduce desert growth
      especially as temperature peaks are reduced with cloud increase
      as the mix of constant change very hot and very cold tempetatures
      is turning stones to dust.

  1. RAH says:

    Newsweek? How long can it last? I guess as long as some bozo with more cash than sense keeps financing it.

    • Colorado Wellington says:

      They are experts on desertification. They turned their publication into a lifeless and forbidding place where nobody goes except to mock them every now and then.

    • Charles Higley says:

      It is hard to understand where they think the water is going to go because water evaporates more readily at higher temperatures; its vapor pressure increases.

      Only a serious ignorance about water and basic earth science can lead to this kind of very wrong thinking. 70% oceans and most of it over a mile deep and they think Earth will become a desert? How? Clearly, they watch the apocalypse movies, such as Mel Gibson’s Mad Max and think the desertification of the world is real and possible.

      Only a serious glacial period can decrease rainfall a lot, but the tropics, even then, are always hot and will always have lots of rain. That is why the rainforests are so complex species-wise, they are one of the two most stable and long-lived ecosystems, along with the coral reefs. They could only have gotten as complex as they are by having millions of years of relatively stable conditions. In contrast, glaciations wipe out or radically alter virtually all of the ecosystems of North America every time one happens. Canada gets wiped clean and everything south of the ice sheet becomes largely boreal.

      OR, they think we are very stupid and will believe any garbage that they spout.

  2. oldbrew says:

    But hurricanes are supposed to get more ‘intense’ i.e. dump more water all over the place?

    All these opposing scenarios ought to cancel each other out. They should see that in the climate models ;-)

    • RAH says:

      They obviously can see anything and everything in their climate models. That is, if they WANT to see it.

      It’s like arguing with a leftist. First, AFTER Katrina during the record 2005 season they said they saw that hurricanes would become worse, meaning proportionally more majors. During the Hiatus they saw only LUCK!
      Now, AFTER Harvey they see hurricanes bringing more rain with them. Never mind the fact that the womb where they are conceived and are born are the oceans. They form and grow over oceans of water and when they are no longer over water for relatively short period, they DIE!

      • RAH says:

        Pont being, that Harvey didn’t get reloaded with moisture from the atmosphere, it got reloaded by looping around in the Gulf.

  3. Psalmon says:

    And we will have no chocolate…

    But really, this cocoa scam seems to come up every time prices start to fall from over production…

  4. richard says:

    25% desert eh-

    Things are looking up, today 33% 0f the earth is desert.

  5. MGJ says:

    Drought, floods, drought, floods…it’s hard to keep up, it changes so often.

    BTW Tony, I just heard you on the Delingpole podcast. Fine performance, good stuff.

  6. arn says:

    Either you pay us protection money and do whatever we say or
    planet earth will turn into dust.

    That’s nowadays science
    (if you do not eat your spinache the candyman is gonna take you
    little stupid boy()

  7. mkelly says:

    Watching “Plant Earth II” on Netflix and in the episode on deserts one of the points made was deserts are growing by XX hectares per year. Love watching the film of animals in nature but the doom and gloom is over done.

  8. Ulric Lyons says:

    The U.S. becomes drier during a warm AMO phase. A warm AMO phase is normal during solar minima, because of the increase in negative NAO. In theory, increased GHG forcing should increase positive NAO, that would help keep the U.S. wetter.

  9. gator69 says:

    When I was a climatology student, I wrote a regrettable paper on desertification. This was before the internet, and I had to do my research in things called “libraries”. According to all the best government and university experts at that time, we were all going to die unless we spent the world’s fortune fighting desertification. Why does anyone pay these fools any attention whatsoever anymore? Harold Camping wants to know.

  10. John F. Hultquist says:

    The Paris non-treaty was about wealth transfer from the USA to countries with dictators and other ill-run governments.
    Reducing carbon dioxide was the cover story to hide the rest.

  11. JPinBalt says:

    I stopped reading Newsweek, NYTs, Scientific American, a long time ago and take anything said with a grain if salt given their hyped up imaginary scenarios with years and years of global collapse headlines based on the word “if” which seem never to happen, just hype to sell papers/magazines.

    Newsweek on this “if the Earth’s average yearly temperature is raised by 2 degrees Celsius .., More than 25 percent of the Earth will experience serious drought and desertification by the year 2050.” How long ago were the pundits saying, “if the temperature keep dropping there would be a be a new ice age with Chicago under mile of ice”?

    Others, “If the ice caps melted … Florida under water” with nice graphics payed for by taxpayers. They might as well say, “If the temperature rose 100 degrees …”, “If an asteroid the size of Manhattan hit the Earth …”, “If aliens came to Earth …”, “If the Earth stopped spinning …”

    It does not matter, it is all based on “IF,” and publications like Newsweek have become nothing less than a decaying brand name copying the National Enquirer.

    If I had only one penny for each time I saw the word “IF” in a climate change/global collapse story, I would be a rich man.

    Did the idiot authors ever consider reality and the fact that the Earth has been getting significantly greener because of CO2 over the last few decades instead of a desert since the most significant impact of CO2 is its role as plant food despite its almost insignificant percent of the atmosphere. No doubt if CO2 fell by 100 ppm instead of rise, the planet would surely turn like a desert since plant life (and billions of humans in turn) would die if starved of CO2.

    • JPinBalt says:

      Lets see, according to Newsweek, if CO2 rises say from 400 ppm to 440 or something in that range, significant fractions of the planet turn into an uninhabitable desert. Thus if say 2,000 ppm, more than any other forecast, then the Earth should be just a big ball of desertified hot sand.

      Funny how during the Carboniferous Period with CO2 levels that high that the Earth was not a ball of sand, but so green and lush that millions of years of accumulating decaying plant matter left all that coal, oil, and natural gas.

  12. toorightmate says:

    With the USA as cold as a mother-in-law’s kiss and the DJIA over 25,000, 2018 is off to a very miserable start for the snowflakes, God bless ’em.

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