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Heidi Cullen’s Climate Central claims that using climate models they can predict how many hot days per year US cities will have 82 years in the future, and that we can control the frequency of hot weather with “our choices.”

More Hot Days Are Coming With Climate Change. Our Choices Will Decide How Many

Climate Central has developed a new web-interactive tool that brings the reality of future heat to hometowns across the U.S.  Simply enter the name of your city, town or hamlet — or any place in the Lower 48 that piques your curiosity — to see how the number of days above summer temperature thresholds will change throughout the rest of the century. The interactive also shows how reducing greenhouse gas emissions can help reduce the heat.

More Hot Days Are Coming With Climate Change. Our Choices Will Decide How Many | Climate Central

The article includes the graph below, showing there will be a huge increase in the number of 105 degree days at Dallas – Fort Worth over the next 82 years. And it will be controlled by how much CO2 is generated.

The claim is based entirely on climate models, and ignores all empirical data – which shows the exact opposite. Over the last 82 years, the Dallas – Fort Worth area has seen a very large decline in the frequency of 105 degree days, as CO2 has increased, and almost never occur any more.

And like the Dallas-Fort Worth area, for the entire United States the frequency of hot days has plummeted over the last 82 years – as CO2 has increased.

Prior to 82 years ago the US had a large increase in the number of hot days. Had people 82 years ago tried to predict the weather now based on past trends, they would have come up with exactly the wrong answer.

But the Climate Central story is much worse, because they are making forecasts which are the exact opposite of both the long and short term trends. There is no scientific or historical basis to the Climate Central predictions.  They are based entirely on models which scientists have known for decades to be completely useless.

In 1974, sensible scientists were aware that natural cycles are not understood and couldn’t be modeled. They compared climate modeling to talking with the dead.

Lakeland Ledger – Google News Archive Search

Heidi Cullen’s science is equivalent to talking with the dead.

Climate modelers have made zero progress understanding natural cycles since then, and have rather chosen to largely ignore them.

It is bad enough that Heidi Cullen’s forecasts have no scientific basis, but then she goes on to claim we can control future weather based on her forecasts. And on top of her scientific and political malfeasance, she attempts to bully other scientists into going along with her scam.

Summers Are Getting Hotter | Climate Central

The models are fake, the science is fake, and the scientists are fake. Climate alarmists are snake oil salesmen and ambulance chasers – not scientists.

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