Frozen Wasteland

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  1. RAH says:

    It’s a damned icy mess and I am thankful it fell over my days off and I have not been called out to try and run. Got in from a 6 stops (2- Port Washington, 1-Grafton, 2- Janesville, 1- Pleasant Prairie) up in Wisconsin at midnight before the ice hit. Chicago rush hour in the rain on I-294 late in the afternoon was worse than usual and cost me about an hour though, thankfully, nobody was playing bumper cars. This evening in Indiana the worst of it is from Indianapolis south.

    Friday is really the worst day of the week for something like this to hit because so man drivers are trying to get home for the weekend. Drivers have to learn in this weather when to give it up and just park it. General rule I follow is that if you can’t average 40 mph on an interstate and have a ways to go, find a place to park it, take a nap, and let the road crews do what they do. Odds are if you keep going your going to find yourself either in the ditch or in backups from accidents anyway.

  2. RAH says:

    Very beautiful here this morning. The ice in the trees glistening in the sun under a mostly clear sky.

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