Hottest Week Of The Year – All Of Antarctica Below Freezing

This week is the hottest week of the year in Antarctica, and the entire continent is below freezing. In the map below, I have masked out all above freezing temperatures.

Climate Reanalyzer

Meanwhile, our fake news and fake science organizations tell us Antarctica is melting down, and it is bad news.

A huge part of Antarctica is melting and scientists say that’s bad news – CNN

Experts also say refugees will be forced to flee to Antarctica before 2030.

Climate change study predicts refugees fleeing into Antarctica – Telegraph

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42 Responses to Hottest Week Of The Year – All Of Antarctica Below Freezing

  1. Michael Spencer says:

    Yes! We really are doomed. The ice is melting on Greenland too, and sea levels will rise catastrophically. I know this because when I checked the temperature at Summit Station yesterday, it was a frightening -43C!

    Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear! ?

    • Squidly says:

      Interesting you mention “sea level rise”. My wife and I enjoy watching “The Curse of Oak Island” every week. I made an observation and remarked to my wife about it today. I said, “do you know we have empirical proof that sea levels aren’t rising?” … “we see it with our very own eyes every single week”

      The television show “The Curse of Oak Island” absolutely proves that sea levels haven’t risen appreciably since at least the 1400’s … absolutely prove it! … so, at least the coast of Nova Scotia has not seen any noticeable sea level rise in at least 600 years.

      • Michael Spencer says:

        ? Squidly! Well observed! Take a ? look at the “Landsat” satellite via Google Earth. It’s been taking photos from Space for 32 years (going on 33 years now) so that you can look at virtually anywhere on ? Earth, and guess what you’ll see of “sea level rise”? Zero!

        Try looking at Dubai. In 1984 there were no sand ? islands, but you can see them grow as they were being built, as seen from Space. This is reality – not fantasy!

    • Kris Johanson says:

      If ALL the Antarctic ice (that is currently on land) suddenly melted, the seas would rise 26 feet. Someone needs to do a back-of-the-napkin calculation …. HOW LONG would it take ALL of it to melt, assuming a reasonable air temperature rise (just ignore all the feedback loops). There’s a lot of ice there; I’m guessing it would be a long time.

      Squidly, have you ever put numbers to that?

  2. gator69 says:

    That CNN “article” looks as though it was written by a fourth grader, with at best a third grade grasp of science.

  3. CO2isLife says:

    Climate Science Fiction; Ice Melts in Sub-Zero Temperatures.
    Do the laws of physics cease to exist in the Slimate Clience Departments of our Universities? As I’ve pointed out countless times on this Blog, I am not a Climate Scientist, never have been, never will be, but I know a whole lot about science, the scientific method, statistics, mathematics, computer modeling, quantum physics, chemistry and have … Continue reading

  4. frederik wisse says:

    Tony , in modern life narrative trumps reality ! Can you imagine how big the temptation is : You dream up something totally crazy , far beyond reality , write a socalled “scientific”book , find a few status-oriented peers , create a big scare and the generally leftist politicians are mushrooming you with large grandiose handouts to show their identification with the solid-state madness . It is like preprogramming the collapse of our society , the population of our planet will be made redundant upon the arrival of any real cooling ,which has been predicted to happen by unpaid prophets and unsolicited scientific work .
    97% of the scientists has no idea how the sun exactly works and their behaviour is determined by mullah and greed , like Al Gore . Sleep well society …….

  5. Mark Fife says:

    Penguin Obesity is becoming a serious problem in Antarctica. Due to human mumblmumble over half of the penguin population is considered over weight and half of that half are considered obese. Fat penguins can cause fracturing of the ice surface and


    So send me money. It is our only hope. It is your children’s only hope.

    • Luke of the D says:

      I love the “mumblemumble!” It reminds of the South Park’s Underwear Gnomes: “First we get the underwear, then ???, then profit!”

      • Mark Fife says:

        I love South Park. Probably the best source of scathing humor around for the past decade or so. I’m talking of course about……manbearpig!! I am super serial.

        • Extreme Hiatus says:

          Big South Park fan too.

          When Eric Cartman goes into his ‘do not challenge my authoritay’ thing I think of the CAGW Gang and their 97% Consensus.

          The ‘We Broke the Beaver Dam” episode laughing at The Warming was a classic.

          Seems cartoons can get away with a lot more brutal social critiques than anything else but I’m still amazed that the PC Police haven’t shut South Park down.

          Which reminds of another classic episode about “PC Principal.”

          • Mark Fife says:

            South Park has been relentless in hammering not only society but even specific celebrities over the years go back a long, long way. I love it. Especially Tom Cruise.

    • arn says:

      A single fat penguin may let the sea level rise up to 3 feet when jumping into the water :)

      And i wonder how long it will take until a pathological good doer comes around and tell us that emperor penguins gonna die because of global warming etc.

      In the 60ies it was:We all gonna be nuked
      In the 70ies it was:Ice Age(somehow forgotten by scientists and noone of them wonders how an ultimate definitiv superthreat that’ll happen for sure could disappear without people even realising this unique haooening)
      int the 80ies:Ozone Liar…layer will kill us all.
      In the 90ies:global warming
      Since 2000:Climate change/disruption.

      While on the other hand:A primitive, fascist,pedophile,apartheid religion
      which turns every country in the orient into a shithole when their secular leaders get violently removed and replaced by sharia looneys
      is sold to us by any means as cultural enrichment and peaceful.

      As Hitler once said:
      It absolutely does not matter what is really going on it just depends on how the MSM is talking about it.
      You can make people believe to live in hell though they live in heaven and vice versa,just by the way how the media is talking about it.

      • neal s says:

        There must be enormous pressure for that ice to melt at those sub-freezing temperatures. Too bad for the loony left and alarmists, not all of us in the great unwashed masses are as stupid and uninformed or as easily mis-persuaded as they need us to be.

      • Kris Johanson says:

        Arn-porn, in your list of apocalyptic fear-stories (above) you forgot about Y2K! In the years leading up to 2000, the Y2K doom-scenario dominated many industries. I worked for a software company at the time, and I can’t tell you how many 100’s of hours of wasted meetings I had to attend

        • Extreme Hiatus says:

          The Y2K thing was sure a huge money maker for the computer industry and drove up their share values… until the ‘surprising!!!’ tech stock bust.

          Following the money (and/or political power) usually explains most of these scares, and explains the CAGW story in spades.

    • Colorado Wellington says:

      It has been scientifically established that penguin obesity is a serious problem.

      Dr Astrid Willener found that penguin lardasses fall over more easily while running on a treadmill. It’s part of her PhD dissertation.

      • Colorado Wellington says:

        However, with the help of some gentle encouragement she was able to get eight of the penguins to walk on the treadmill.

        “They actually lean forwards more. This may enable them to make longer strides without toppling over,” she said.

        “Very little research has been conducted on penguin pedestrian locomotion,” Dr Willener stayed.

        I noticed that.

      • AndyG55 says:

        I hope someone from the RSPCA has stern words.

        Forcing animals to walk in an unnatural manner.

        That really is DISGUSTING so-called research. !!

        Were are the animal welfare lobby ??

      • Extreme Hiatus says:

        Who would have guessed? You’d think with a lower center of gravity it would be easier for them. Maybe they just get bored and sit down?

        But… I understand that the correct term is now “full-bodied” or “plus-sized” penguins.

    • AndyG55 says:

      “Penguin Obesity is becoming a serious problem in Antarctica.”

      No wonder the polar bears are getting so fat !!

  6. jackson says:

    The ice that is melting in Antartica is over a volcano.
    This has been known for many years.
    It does not sell papers to say that a volcano can melt ice. So they leave that part out and make you think it is you that is melting the ice.
    Do these stories make you feel powerful? I think that might be the appeal– I’m trying to figure that out yet.

    • Kris Johanson says:

      no no no… they are a way to put your purity on display, and virtue-signal others in your tribe

    • Hivemind says:

      They aren’t trying to make us feel powerful. They are trying to make themselves feel powerful. I mean, look at all the claptrap they can publish, and we can’t to a thing to stop them.

  7. John F. Hultquist says:

    Regarding the article saying refugees would be headed to Antarctica**, Forum for the Future had a person named Peter Madden in charge. He has moved on.
    He and all those of the “Forum” and their gigs before and after appear to have been activists of the 1st Order. That is, their DNA makes them feel superior and gives them the right to tell other people how to live.
    They have never done anything to actually improve other people’s lives, they just harass others with their activism.
    Back to their “climate change study” and fleeing to Antarctica:
    These sorts of folks don’t really study anything. Like atoms, they make up everything.

    [**Antarctica is internationally recognized as a “natural reserve devoted to peace and science”.]

  8. Bulaman says:

    If you check the McMurdo pier cam you can see open water…that the ice breakers made last week! So far there have been 2 days this season with temps above 0.

  9. Nutation_discombobulation says:

    What these examples of blatant disinformation propaganda usually fail to mention is that much of the melting and berg calving is due to geothermal activity way below the ice and submerged continental shelves. Much of which, as John Casey correctly predicted, has been increasing globally, all influenced by prevailing solar/galactic planetary interplay.

    Do these AGW Baal prophets really think people are that stupid? How arrogantly they sit in their presumptuous self assumed intellectual towers, all the while failing to see with their vacuous eyes they are completely naked.

    • wert says:

      0.15 W/m² of mantle heat is enough to melt about 14 mm of ice per year. While ‘important’, it’s not going disappear the Antarctic ice that’s a million times deeper.

  10. JPinBalt says:

    Wow – what a blockbuster.
    CNN “reports” that a “Huge part of Antarctica is melting,” but inside the byline notes that its was from temporary El Niño warming for “two weeks in January 2016” and just “slush on top of the ice,” and has a side video from NASA explaining how coastal cities would be drowned IF all the Antarctica ice sheet (which has been there or started accumulating around 30 million years ago) melted. Do not worry, we will have similar catastrophe news about IF an asteroid hits earth before AJ129 gets close on Feb. 4 despite all saying is will safely fly by earth.

    They are not going to report in 2018 about sea ice or ice caps for La Niña cooling unless for hiatus excuse. Funny how two weeks gets extrapolated to mean catastrophic AGW. Maybe they should do the same with the Polar Vortex. We really need not just decades of data, but centuries, and sea level rising since last ice age ended with some climate variations like Medieval warming or recovery from the Dalton Minimum two hundred years ago (which is about to reverse, but over decades), data just since 1978 does not mean much, and that is by chance cherry picked by nature being during record cold years for satellite records to start. And that West Antarctic Collapse we keep on hearing about will take thousands of years just in time for the onset of the next ice age by rough estimates and end of the interim Holocene warming/optimum period. Two weeks of slush in some data and humanity is at risk.

    So convenient to forget that sea level is flat or falling last few years, Greenland had Mass Surface balance of ice increasing few years, and seasonal sea ice around Antarctic was at record highs a few years ago, and more importantly the Antarctic ice cap itself was found by NASA to be growing, not melting.

    Interesting lecture by leading expert Professor Nils Mörner on sea level rise worries and forecasts being ridiculous
    [Outside title gauge records, I guess all that newer thermal expansion data from satellites and ARGO only effects central ocean areas for the higher measurements and has no effect on less deep coasts thin by continental shelf, thus risk and expansion is less by cities, plus gravity prevents spillover.]

    How long can CNN, Guardian, New York Times, NASA, et al keep this charade about catastrophic sea level rise going? It is only based on “What IF …” and not what is really going on, yet if fits in with the simple scientific logic of ill informed adults on a fifth grade level who understand ice melting amplified by confirmation bias on what they were told earlier and feel good virtue signaling to save planet which becomes pathological altruism when public policy and politics come to play.

    On Confirmation bias … the banana is two weeks of slush …

  11. Mohatdebos says:

    The Army Core of Engineers issued a forecast yesterday that the Great Lakes water levels will hit record highs this year. Five years ago when Lake levels were much lower, the alarmists blamed it on global warming. I am waiting for them to now attribute rising lake levels to global warming.

    • Colorado Wellington says:

      But of course!

      Every science lover knows that the heavy rainfalls in the past were a wholesome, matriarchally nurturing, socially just Earth in the Balance® eco-rain, like in 1925 in Detroit when Nature knew the water levels were low and getting lower so it was time for Her to go into labor and refill the lakes.

      But the heavy Detroit rainfall in 2014 was an unnatural, catastrophic, patriarchal, socially unjust and imperialistic man-made aggression against Nature because She knew the lakes were full and and getting fuller.

      The Man did it to her. Doesn’t everybody see that? It’s science.

      Global Warming Alarmists Switch Complaints From Water Levels to Rainfall

      Previous concerns about Great Lakes didn’t come to be
      By Jack Spencer | Aug. 18, 2014

      The 96 years of measuring the water levels of the Great Lakes done by the Army Corps of Engineers represent a relative sliver of time compared to the thousands of years prior to 1918 when no one was keeping track of these levels.

      Nonetheless, in recent years global warming adherents were citing low water levels on the Great Lakes as evidence of global warming.

      Now that Great Lakes levels are no longer low, they are seizing on the recent wet weather in southeast Michigan to advance their arguments.

      The 4.7 inches of rain that swamped Detroit on Aug. 11 was the second highest daily rainfall for the city since the Army Corps of Engineers started keeping records in 1918. The highest daily rainfall on record for Detroit is 4.74 inches on July 31, 1925.

      One difference between Detroit’s two heaviest rainfalls is that in 1925 the Great Lakes were heading toward a period of low water levels, but now in 2014, Great Lakes water levels appear to be headed upward.

      “When the big rainfall took place in Detroit in 1925, the water levels on all of the Great Lakes were below average,” said Keith Kompoltowicz, chief of watershed hydrology for the Army Corps of Engineers in Detroit. “Great Lakes water levels fell to some of the lowest recorded levels in about 1926; but by 1930 they had pretty much rebounded.”

      • Extreme Hiatus says:

        Exactly Colorado. Why don’t Capitalists see that? The 2014 rain was Mother Nature’s tears.

      • Mark Fife says:

        I think I have that. It is all a question of the desirability of the current condition. All you have to do is convince people what is now is not only as good as it gets but is also the normal condition. The younger people are the easier that is to do. It also helps if you strip away history, especially that based upon that pesky European heritage crap with all its racist record keeping. At that point movement in any direction becomes inherently bad. Hot, cold, wet, dry, windy, or calm….it literally does not matter. Now is and should be always and forever. Change is the real devil. Unless it is throwing down the white patriarchy.

  12. Darryl Tiggeman says:

    For those interested in how the Southern Hemisphere is baking away from global warming here’s a story about how alarmists are ruining people’s celebration of Australia Day.
    Even now on the Bureau of Meteorology site Adelaide’s predicted temperature is 37 Celsius. It reached 27 C before the cloud and some rain moved in. At 1pm local time it appears to be fining up as the temperature sits on a very comfortable 25 C, so it might still struggle to 30 C today?
    It is true the next 2 days are predicted to be 42C, but even if does get that hot that’s quite normal for summer and still well below the 47 C Adelaide recorded back in 1939.
    Maybe they should have consulted Heidi Cullen who apparently has a crystal ball to tell her the temperature decades into the future. LOL.

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