Just When You Thought Democrats Couldn’t Possibly Get Any Stupider ….

Let’s tax Rhode Island into putting Sheldon Whitehouse out of a job.

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10 Responses to Just When You Thought Democrats Couldn’t Possibly Get Any Stupider ….

  1. Kris Johanson says:

    Coal is still a beautiful fuel and shouldn’t be abandoned. It’s basically pulverized into flour-sized dust and when injected into a boiler virtually explodes just like a stream of natural gas. With the requisite flue gas treatment it’s pretty easy on the environment, too.

    • Kris Johanson says:

      Nuclear should not be abandoned, either. There’s lots of Uranium and Thorium in the earth’s crust, and we can ‘breed’ even more U233 and P239 – extending fuel supplies for thousands of years.

      • Bob Cherba (@rbcherba) says:

        Nuclear has little use outside of war and the medical areas and should be our first choice to produce electrical power.

        Coal is needed for metallurgy, as a chemical feedstock, home heating, and power generation. Unlike natural gas, it is stored at generating plant sites and can keep plants operating for weeks to months after coal deliveries stop. It should be used as our #2 fuel for electrical generation.

        Natural gas and oil have many uses in transportation, chemistry, home heating, and manufacturing. Natural gas has the disadvantage of being a “just-in-time” fuel and can’t be counted on if there’s a widespread power interruption. Oil is stored on site, but doesn’t provide as much long-term security as coal. They should be our 3rd and 4th fuel choices for electrical generation.

  2. arn says:

    First: You systematically shut down coal mines on purpose.
    Then you come up with:Domestic demand is falling.

    Incredible how outrages some people are.
    And i’d really like to know how this guy is heating his home and his bureau right now.

  3. Steve Parker says:

    It’s hard to compete with subsidized renewable power that can “sell” into the market at negative prices. Coal plants were designed for baseload power, but are now being forced to ramp up and down to accommodate subsidized, renewable sources that cherry pick demand and leave the big iron to fill in the gaps.

  4. Extreme Hiatus says:

    “Just When You Thought Democrats Couldn’t Possibly Get Any Stupider ….”

    I never thought that. Not only is their stupidity boundless it is also renewable.

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