New Video : The Fundamental Deception Of Climate Science

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  1. Kris Johanson says:

    How do we know the atmospheric temperature at the South Pole to within 1 or 2 degrees accuracy, say, half-million years ago?

    How do we know the atmospheric CO2 concentration to within a few ppm’s 500,000 years ago by sampling really old ice formed from snowfall in the Antarctic?

    Honest question(s)…

  2. CheshireRed says:

    Easy to understand and devastating to the entirely corrupt AGW narrative. Is it time for Mann to be arrested and let him take his chances in court? I do hope so.
    The prospect of decades of jail time can apparently do wonders for a persons ability to recall events that previously had slipped their mind.

  3. AndyG55 says:

    Btw, Gavin Schmidt is NOT a climate scientist.

    He is a mid-level mathematician, who knows a little bit about how use statistics to bend data.

    But TH has caught him out MANY times. !

  4. GW says:

    And Hansen is an Astronomer !

  5. Tom van Leeuwen says:

    Great video Tony! Thanks a lot, I’ve got this one bookmarked.

  6. Ulric Lyons says:

    As the AMO is in its warm phase during solar minima, then higher levels of atmospheric CO2 would be normal during solar minima. It’s a natural negative feedback.

    Atlantic Ocean CO2 uptake reduced by weakening of the meridional overturning circulation:

    • Squidly says:

      If this is really true, it would be good news. We don’t want our oceans sucking up all of our atmospheric CO2. Our oceans are YUUGE! .. and control almost every aspect of our atmospheric CO2, no matter how much you drive your SUV, nature rules!

  7. Ken Guenter says:

    Why does my iPhone display this video as seven years old? This is not the first time the date has been wrong. Also the image for the video is the one from your previous video not the graph.

  8. Squidly says:

    Our oceans are YUUGE. Most people can’t even grasp the enormity of our oceans. Just in surface coverage alone they are enormous spanning more than 72% of the surface area of the Earth! … that is YUUGE! .. The overwhelming majority of our planet is ocean. We truly live on a water planet.

    But what is really astounding, is just how much water there really is on this planet. The average depth of our oceans is more than 4 kilometers (over 2.5 miles!). That is deep, really deep!

    In addition, as Tony points out in this video, there is a lot of CO2 absorbed in our oceans, a lot!. Consider this, just the first 3 meters (9.8 fee) of sea water contains more CO2 than all of the atmosphere above it. Let that sink in for just one moment. Less than 10 feet of the top water of our oceans (which cover 72% of our planet, at an average depth of more than 2.5 miles) has more CO2 than all of the atmosphere above it.

    Currently, our atmosphere only contains approximately 400ppm of CO2. That’s absolutely nothing. That is barely even present, just a tiny trace gas in our atmosphere and dangerously close to insufficient to support life on this planet. You can dissolve all of our atmospheric CO2 into our oceans and you would not drop the average pH by even 0.00001 mole fraction. In fact, the change would be so slight, it is doubtful that we even have instrumentation sensitive enough to detect the change.

    What am I getting at? .. Our oceans and volcanism control our atmospheric CO2 concentrations, PERIOD! .. humans are completely incapable of affecting our atmospheric CO2 concentration to any meaningful way. Even the IPCC claims that human contribution to the 100ppm rise of the past 100 years is only 4%! .. And I believe that percentage is actually greatly over estimated.

    Bottom line, volcanism and our oceans control our atmospheric CO2 … and there is absolutely nothing us puny little humans can do about that!

    • neal s says:

      I do believe there are also some places where there is liquefied CO2 deep in the oceans or some other bodies of water.

      What if a pipe was constructed and lowered in the ocean in a place where there is some liquefied CO2, and water was pumped out. The pipe has perforations in the last few sections that wind up nearest the ocean floor. Some weights are also attached to the bottom end of the pipe via some cables. Some floats are attached near the top end of the pipe, but below the ocean surface.

      When the bottom end of pipe hits a portion of the ocean floor where there are reserves of liquefied CO2, we start pumping water out of the top end of the tube which is now well enough above the surface such that swells do not put water back into it as we begin to pump the water out.

      At some point the rising level of liquid CO2 would reach a point where the pressure become less than that required to keep it liquid and a change of state will likely occur. Bubbles of CO2 will rise and there may be enough of them to carry some of the water up and out of the top end of the pipe.

      I also expect that if we keep pumping long enough, we will eventually start getting a stream of CO2 coming from the top end of the pipe. I also imagine we can stop pumping, and that the stream will continue on its own as long as there are liquid CO2 reserves at the bottom end of the pipe, and the perforations do not get plugged up with debris. This would be a CO2 fountain.

      Such deep ocean CO2 pipes that spew out CO2 without requiring any additional ongoing power, could increase the atmospheric CO2 levels. It might even be possible to harness some power from their operation.

      I suspect this might be a way of greatly increasing atmospheric CO2 without having to burn through lots of fuel and without reducing atmospheric Oxygen to gain the increase in CO2.

      • Kris Johanson says:

        Neal, you’re writing this like a USPTO application… have you filed this? Are you sure you want to put this out here?

        • neal s says:

          I am convinced that higher levels of CO2 are beneficial. I am convinced that the globe is actually not overheating and that if anything we are presently in a cooling phase. I also think that higher levels of oxygen may help animals.

          The physics and mechanics of such perpetual fountains are well understood. I did not invent anything new here. But I may be the first to suggest applying this to submerged liquefied CO2. This is about as patent-worthy as taking some everyday thing and adding “on the internet” to it.

          I would like to see someone who is rich and who has NOT bought into the CAGW lie, actually put this idea into use. The efforts to sequester CO2 are wastes of time and energy and resources. Having many tons of CO2 being added non-stop without burning fossil fuels may convince those who are trying to sequester CO2, that such efforts are futile.

      • Kris Johanson says:

        Squidly, your 3rd paragraph is incredible. I had never thought about that. That’s one of the best posts in a long time. I’ve cut & pasted that for further thought….

        • Squidly says:

          Thank you Kris!

          Since most of us humans live on land (which we already perceive to be rather vast), very few of us understand the enormity of our oceans. We simply are not exposed to it. There are still far reaches of our oceans that we have never seen before. Oceanographers continually discover new species we have never encountered before. Consider what it takes to explore the depths of our oceans. The Marianas Trench is nearly impossible to explore because of its enormous depths.

          It is estimated that there are 326,000,000,000,000,000,000 gallons of water on our planet, with more than 97% of that being sea water (oceans).

          Now, consider that there is an estimated 5,170 million tons of air on the Earth. Some rather easy, back of the envelope calculations of volume and solubility prove a few things:

          (A) Our oceans control our atmospheric CO2 concentrations, overwhelmingly.

          (B) “ocean acidification” via atmospheric CO2 is absolutely impossible, there simply is not enough CO2 in our atmosphere to even make a detectable dent.

          (C) Our oceans are capable of swallowing up virtually all of our atmospheric CO2 without even a little hiccup. Which is scary because we only have about 200ppm to deal with and our planet becomes uninhabitable. That is, drop below 200ppm and we will basically starve to death as plant life fades from existence.

          We humans could stop producing CO2 completely, and the rest of the planet wouldn’t even know it. It just doesn’t matter. We humans do a whole lot of other things that negatively impact our planet in a much bigger way than CO2 .. by far!

      • R. Shearer says:

        I think you would eventually get something akin to vapor lock.

  9. Jackson says:

    If the temperature makes the CO2 go up and the CO2 makes the temperature go up, then what stops the positive feedback? It seems the earth should have gone ‘fireball’ long ago if the positive feedback scenario is correct.
    (Don’t say it’s the sun– only deniers say ‘it’s the sun’).

    • Squidly says:

      Another question. How could our Earth have ever cooled down? .. If the RGHE (radiative greenhouse effect) were possible, by the same principles that govern this hypothesis, none of the bodies in our universe could have ever cooled down. They would all be susceptible to a “runaway” process. Our very universe could never cool down, and we know it is cooling down. This would not only violate our known Laws of Thermodynamics, but would violate entropy as well. Neither of these things can be violated by any process, certainly not by an atmospheric trace gas.

  10. GW Smith says:

    This is a great one, Tony!
    You went after the crux of the whole scam – CO2 follows temperature, not the reverse! This fact nullifies the whole leftist power-grab argument, and needs to be repeated over and over again to the masses, the media, and the “experts”.
    Keep it up!

  11. Andy DC says:

    TOUCHE!! An irrefutable stroke of death to the black hearts of lying alarmists, for which they have no answer.

  12. doc says:

    I remember being warned bout CO2 in the 70’s- that was going to cause a new ice-age- d/t global cooling!! HA!
    As a scientist I know how often scientists ARE wrong..

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