Random Things I Did On The Plane

Idle hands are the workshop of the global warming devil.

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  1. RAH says:

    The Pentagon used to think it was a threat. Their latest Strategic Summary eliminated mention of climate change apparently.


  2. David M. says:

    Perhaps this article will engage your mind during part of the return flight:


    1) It dovetails well with your insights about Greenland’s ice cover.
    2) The graph of the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation will alarm alarmists:-)

  3. Pathway says:

    Now that’s an unconformity.

  4. John F. Hultquist says:

    The butterfly appears to be a very brightly colored Painted Lady. Here in Washington State, these usually can’t survive our winters and must migrate here from warmer regions in the southern states [Caitlin LaBar]. I intend to ask at the site below if ours look older and duller in color because they are not “fresh” here.


  5. GW Smith says:

    Great photos!

  6. feathers says:

    Anyone on the east coast witness that amazing moon last night around 10:30 PM? You could read the newspaper outside it was so bright! It must have appeared so amazing due to AGW!

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