Visualizing How Climate Change Affects The Jet Stream

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11 Responses to Visualizing How Climate Change Affects The Jet Stream

  1. Robertv says:

    And when you have a direct jetstream hit things of the past appear.

    ‘Much of Scotland has already been hit by snow, shutting schools and causing major disruption on the roads.’

    • Andy DC says:

      Houston got more snow this morning, their That 2nd snowfall of the season. Snowing over much of Mississippi and Louisiana with temps in the teens and 20’s. Currently 14 and snowing in Nashiville and -1 in Indianapolis at 11 AM local time.

      All totally consistent with a catastrophically warming planet.

      But cheer up, much warmer this weekend and into next week. Will alarmists debate whether the warmth is cold related? Not a chance! That is something to stick to them the next time we have a warm spell!

  2. TomRude says:

    Global warming at work: “This week’s temperature in Oymyakon —68 °C (-90.4 °F) reportedly beat the record of February 6, 1933, when a temperature of —67.7 °C (-89.9 °F) was registered at the town’s weather station.”

  3. TA says:

    Fraudsters making outrageous claims about the jet stream in their efforts to promote the CAGW narrative.

    The Alarmists are running out of ammo.

  4. Stewart Pid says:

    Oh no …. Tony has gone over to the dark side ;-)

  5. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    There were a lot of jet stream issues in 2009-2010 such as the white winter in the UK and the Moscow heatwave. That was right at the bottom of the solar cycle.

    We’re into another solar cycle minimum and we’re seeing jet stream issues back in the news again.

    Low solar activity link to cold UK winters (BBC, 14 Apr 2010)

    • Andy DC says:

      Parts of the UK and Ireland at low elevations are getting snow with a strong west wind. That is not very common.

      It is also snowing in Brownsville, TX for the second time this winter, which is an extremely rare event. But all entirely consistent with catastrophic warming. Even in hot places like Brownsville, more heat causes more snow. Right! And I am the King of Siam.

  6. Rah says:

    Earned my money driving in the snowy hills of PA today. Saw some big truck Carnage along I-80. Another driver saw quite a bit of that Between Lexington KY and Knoxville, TN on I-75 today.

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