Moonbat Lowers The Freezing Point Of Water

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  1. John says:

    You’re quite correct on all your points. I would add that in polar regions with an ocean salinity of 35 ppt, the sea ice begins to melt as temps rise above -1.8 degrees Celsius (28.8 degrees Fahrenheit).

    • wert says:

      Sea ice is mostly fresh water, so it melts near zero as any water, but forms only when the sea is colder than that.

      Moonbat tried to make news of ‘hot Arctic’ when I’m shivering in, legs extended towards the fireplace. It’s about -15C out, and that was because the main blast of cold dry air is heading tiwards the British Isles. Good timing, eh? This is a bad joke, but I think the global warming is missing two parts. The warming part and the global part. What’s left is some dubiously spinned statistics from the psychology department of UWA. Good luck, Bristol.

  2. Steve Case says:

    After a VERY short search I find:

    More precise measurements show West Antarctica ice melt accelerating

    Google said 33 minutes ago.

    Antarctica is below freezing nearly everywhere nearly all of the time. But you would never know that reading the insane headlines from the so-called popular press. I’ll have to see if Phys Org where the story comes from has a comment section.

    With a name like “Phys Org” one would think that they know what the freezing point of water is.

  3. Jeff says:
    On February 25, 2028 it was 1.1 C near the North Pole.
    Also there is a weather station only 440 miles from the North Pole that reached 43F.

  4. arn says:

    Well-during the ice age scare the freezing point of water was +10C degrees.
    Therefore nothing wrong here :)

  5. Bill Buckner says:

    The north pole ice cap melt season runs from mid-March to mid-September. Yes air temperatures are only above freezing for 90 days, but the ice melts from below and at its edges from contact with relatively warm sea water. Steve G replied about melting at the north pole itself, whereas the Monbiot comment was about the extent of the ice cap.

  6. oldbrew says:

    The Arctic has been ‘rapidly’ melting for so many years – according to warmist propaganda headlines – you start to wonder if ‘rapid’ has another meaning that’s nothing to do with quick, speedy… etc.

    • wert says:

      It is the new rapid, which is ‘any time now’, as in the ‘the end is nigh’.

      The question is does IPCC forecast a winter melt for the Arctic sea in any scenario? Even RCP 8.5 after year 2500? It is so freaking premature to mess about melting Arctic when there millions of square kilometers of ice every September.

      By the way, if the North Atlantic current weakens, isn’t it the obvious result that Spitzbergen freeze (well more than now!) and the pole gets colder and more stable? So oscillation of the sea will have a large effect on polar warming?

    • Methinks it’s a differently-abled spelling of “rabidly.” I’ve followed anti-energy fanaticism since Cohen’s 1977 article on Radioactive Wastes (harmless compared to every other source of reliable power), and ‘rabidly’ describes every aspect of the unfree exercise of the Altrurian Econazi faith.

  7. GW Smith says:

    There is always a crisis somewhere when you’re a liberal.

  8. John Niclasen says:

    The hypothesis of Catastrophic Antropogenic Global Warming (CAGW) require, that both poles heat up considerably, as that is where (global) climatic changes have the most impact.

    The temperature anomaly for Antarctic is -0.7 °C.

    Ergo, there is no CAGW.

    Why is that positive news not headline news in every paper?

    • wert says:

      You see some dangerous local weather there. Are you sure it is not climate change, dressing as local warming and cooling? /sarc /doihavetosarc?

  9. Tim Groves says:

    Moonbat would like us all to forget that in 2005 he was predicting the end of cold snowy winters in the UK.

    It is now mid-February, and already I have sown eleven species of vegetable. I know, though the seed packets tell me otherwise, that they will flourish. Everything in this country – daffodils, primroses, almond trees, bumblebees, nesting birds – is a month ahead of schedule. And it feels wonderful. Winter is no longer the great grey longing of my childhood. The freezes this country suffered in 1982 and 1963 are – unless the Gulf Stream stops – unlikely to recur. Our summers will be long and warm. Across most of the upper northern hemisphere, climate change, so far, has been kind to us/

    Good luck planting seeds for spring veggies in the UK this February!

    I deeply despise this smug, gloating, pretentious, worm-tongued partisan know-it-all who actually possesses very little in the way of factual knowledge. I’ll never forgive him for his savage attack on David Bellamy. And I look forward to the day when both Moonbat and that dreadful rag he scribbles for—The Libtardian—are financially bankrupt, laughed at by their former audience, and unable to continue churning out their vile intellectual and spiritual pollution.

  10. Caleb says:

    Last winter “extent” was up so they focused on “volume”. But now “volume” is up so the focus is on “extent”.

    Actually it a very interesting pattern. I just wish Alarmists would stop making such a foolish racket. They make it hard to concentrate on the new and interesting developments, likely brought about by the “quiet sun”.

    Besides the cold in Europe the Alarmist fail to mention the south winds have compressed the ice at the Pole. NRL maps show it is thicker than last year.

  11. George Moonbot is clinging to his religious beliefs even as the whole ‘Global Warming’ Ship sinks beneath him, into icy Arctic waters. He can busy himself shovelling snow.

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