Science : Cold Is The New Hot

A loop in the jet stream brought record cold to places like Colorado and the UK over the past week, while bringing milder air to a small section of the Arctic.

Climate Reanalyzer

Geniuses in the scientific community and press immediately blamed the cold weather on an overheated atmosphere.

Global warming causes freezing blast in Europe – scientists | Newshub

A few days ago, during the record cold winter Olympics, these same experts said global warming was making it too hot for the Olympics. For climate fraudsters, cold and hot are indistinguishable.

My favorite Australian climate fraudster (Peter Hannam) says -10C at the North Pole is actually 0C, and it is really hot. He also said that the Polar Vortex moving south is caused by global warming.

‘Really extreme’ global weather event leaves scientists aghast

The graph in his article was taken distorted from the DMI graphs below, which shows that temperatures were no where near the melting point, and that during the summer melt season (the only time the ice could actually melt) temperatures near the pole were below normal every single day last summer.

Forty years ago, scientists blamed the polar vortex, loops in the jest stream, cold, and extreme weather on global cooling. Now they blame the exact same things on global warming.

TIME Magazine Archive Article — Another Ice Age? — Jun. 24, 1974

When the jet stream makes large loops in the winter, cold air moves south, and milder air moves moves towards the pole.  Milder winter temperatures near the pole have nothing to do with global warming.

National Geographic : 1977 Dec, Page 822

The Arctic Ocean was ice-free 6,000 years ago when CO2 levels were 280 PPM.

Less Ice In Arctic Ocean 6000-7000 Years Ago — ScienceDaily

Scientists reported ten degrees warming in the Arctic when CO2 was below 310 PPM.


It is completely irrational to blame cold on heat, and to believe North Pole winters could be heated by the greenhouse effect. The sun doesn’t shine at the North Pole in winter, so there can’t be a greenhouse effect. Greenhouses require sunlight to operate.

Twenty years ago scientists said “we don’t get cold snowy winters any more because of global warming.”  Now they say “cold, snowy winters are caused by global warming.” Climate science has become one massive lie, based on the need to maintain funding. It has nothing to do with climate, or science any more. And Democrats like Sheldon Whitehouse from Rhode Island want to criminalize scientific dissent, because it threatens their big lie about climate.

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