The Press Has Found A New Gun Control Superstar

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20 Responses to The Press Has Found A New Gun Control Superstar

  1. Kris Johanson says:

    People demonstrating to have their Constitutional rights taken away. That’s a new twist.

  2. sunsettommy says:

    Another ignorant leftist…..

  3. Robertv says:

    The Wave

    The Third Wave was the name given by history teacher Ron Jones to an experimental recreation of Nazi Germany which he conducted with high school students.

  4. There is a much better link to the speech from the Reason Magazine comments section…
    Here the Kristallnacht gun law demagoguery is placed in its proper altruistic context.

  5. In 1933 the Ladies’ Home Journal published an article, “Homemaking under Hitler,” explaining German housewives’ justifications for supporting nationalsocialism. In that article the Hitler government was unequivocally characterized as a leftist/left-wing movement. Then again, the Ladies Home Journal was a Christian prohibitionist publication, hardly eager to call attention to the appeals to Christians contained in the Chancellor’s speeches. The Youtube warnings dissuading viewers from similar thoughtcrime are another version of the same sort of blinders.

  6. arn says:

    1)they always use kids
    (even polar bear mom has polar bear kid with her when al gore present photos.)

    2)this guy was carefully schooled and educated what to say and how.
    a 100% propaganda tool like obama who was told by his masters to become
    a 1:1 malcolm x copy in how to pray the gospel speak.
    (this is just the single boy version of BLM)

  7. Mac says:

    Totally unreal. The foaming at the mouth angry mob mentality that is a fundamental requirement of leftism is illustrated here, once again, just like it was back in Nuremburg 80 years ago. Just like then, leftists are once again gearing up for another Final Solution. I swear these people’s lives must be totally empty and devoid of any meaning.

    This Hogg kid genuinely scares the crap out of me. He’s a splendid example of the Obama Regime’s indoctrination and common core brainwashing, and he’s too ignorant and obedient to even realize what’s been done to him.

  8. Stumpy says:

    Mockery beats logic sometimes:

  9. Russell Cook says:

    Problem for this kid is what appears to be not-well-thought-out orchestration. In the old days, protest movement leaders were caught in iconic photo poses pretty much entirely by accident. His fist in the air bit has the appearance of “you photographers out in the audience be ready when I do this.” Worse, though, objective critical thinkers will see the fist in the air as “the beatings will continue until peace is achieved.”

    Oops. The push for non-violence should not be lionized with a violent image.

  10. Scott says:

    Based on what little I’ve seen of him he strikes me as grossly unlikable and unpersuasive. A little leftist bomb thrower. No thanks.

  11. Latitude says:

    I love it when he puts on his angry face………


    Now he’s out to destroy Laura Ingraham. Not because she slighted the shooting victims or made light of gun violence, because because she aimed a zinger personally at Hogg. He’s completely morphed from anti-gun violence activist to now making himself the main story. Sadly, some big advertisers have knuckled-under to this kid’s fascism. Fear of the mobs, I guess. Happily, there are probably plenty of potential advertisers waiting in the wings to take the cowards’ place on the most watched news channel on cable.

  13. DR says:

    I especially like the raised Communist fist and “if looks could kill” body language.

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