Global Warming Explains All Possible Outcomes

March of 2012 was very warm, and that was blamed on global warming.

22 Apr 2012, Page 22 – The Los Angeles Times at

March of 2018 is very cold, and that is also being blamed on global warming.

 Rapid Arctic warming and melting ice are increasing the frequency of blizzards in the Northeast, study finds – The Washington Post

Regardless of what the weather is, the global warming cult sees it as a sign of the coming climate apocalypse.   And the adherents to this religion are simply too stupid to understand what is wrong with their thinking.

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18 Responses to Global Warming Explains All Possible Outcomes

  1. Gator says:

    CO2: The God particle.

  2. Tomb says:

    It was in the 70s for many days in southeast Wisconsin in 2012 according to the hockey stick graph it shouybe in the 80s here by now well its in the low 30’s does that mean global warming is solved?

  3. arn says:

    The arctic is a gift that keeps on giving.
    Molten so many times and still growing bigger and bigger and won”t stop to exist.
    The perpetuum mobile of global warming that simply refuses o disappear by decree.
    And as perpetuum mobiles do not exist the arctic don”t exist either,whcih proves that the Cult of AGW is right:)

    off topic:
    Here a nice video about the deep state from a former cia officer:
    Worth Watching.

  4. Robertv says:

    Global Warming + the Russians

  5. frederik wisse says:

    US-trolls and Russian trolls are scheming for one and the same reason : Mullah ! Upon deeper analysis there is a very obvious difference : The Americans are in it for their private money , whilst the Russians are acting upon orders of the leader of the Russian State , who is in it for the money as well . In essence all trolls are slaves abandoning all choices . How much is left for you to choose from ?

  6. Robertv says:

    If the maximum temperature dips below 1.2 degrees at the De Bilt weather station near Hilversum on Saturday will be the coldest March 17 on record. The KNMI says snow is also likely.

    If the wind would have come from the south and be warmer as normal it would have been a proof of climate change.

  7. David M. says:

    Climate change is the new theory of relativity:
    Extreme weather = Mann * Cynicism squared

    • arn says:

      A good one i’ll steal and refine.

      AGW is relative and always a constant to the observer and his agenda(the shape of a hockey sticj)-no matter how dumb he is.
      And no matter how cold it is or how fast you travel
      the speed of warming remains constant=too hot.

      Mannergy= mess*co2

  8. GW Smith says:

    You would think their hyperbolic adjectives would be enough to disqualify them, but apparently the editors found them germane. Wonder why?

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