Hollywood And The NFL

“films, football, beer and above all, gambling filled up the horizon of their minds. To keep them in control was not difficult.”

― George Orwell, 1984

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8 Responses to Hollywood And The NFL

  1. shempus says:

    dang, I do dig films, football, and some beer, but throwing money away, not so much.

  2. arn says:

    George Orwell forgott:Celebrity Whoreship.
    Everything is an event now and Obamas 8 years were one huge show with one huge celebrity.

  3. Andy DC says:

    As long as the films are obscene, violent and bring the proper propaganda message to the sheeple.

    • arn says:

      and as Bertrand Russel said:
      The use of music(lyrics) to indoctrinate people.

      (with the result that we have entire groups of people where every second word is Bitch,Fuck,Ni99a etc
      and these words are 50% of their vocabulary.
      Add to this the “fashion” of speaking on purpose imporperley and with incorrect grammar+worshipping drug+thug culture+destruction of family
      +extremly short concentration spans
      you get people who’d never be able to process logical and critical thinking and awareness to :
      an army of grown ups with the mindset of 5years old;easily triggered,always dependent on big goverment.Ticking timebombs who will believe anything they are told by big brother and who do anything(prostitution,killing etc)
      for some free shit ,a smartphone and access to social media&internet.

      Exactly the scenario the Frankfurt School wanted to create with their critical theory and Freuds Polymorphic Perversion.
      And there is no room for culture and a proper society when people act that way.

      • Andy DC says:

        Man/Boy Love is definitely on their bucket list, as “Call Me By Your Name” was very well received at the Academy Awards.

        • arn says:

          Pedophilia is the next step

          When they made the movie(Harvey) Milk
          they made a biopic about a gay “hero”
          who had to fled miami to avoid prison because his lover was too young.

          A few years ago the APA(american psychatrist association) tried already to legalise pedophilia but
          got a huge backlash(of course not by the lefti good doers)

          In Germany a few years ago the Ethik Council suggested to legalise incest.

          (and i’m pretty sure this insane lefties will use humanism and “rights for children to do whatever they want to do with their bodies-or they are discriminated” as reason.

          It is no coincidence that they are sexualising little children on purpose and that access to porn is easier than to normal movies and that boys get feminsied while they try to establish manly ugly lesbians as way to go for females.
          People like Weinstein are doing everything to establish their new set of rules and hollywoods fagots like di caprio,weaver,streep were ignoring this while trying to save the climate.
          And the queen of all hipocrits and idiots,orca winfrey (just as all the others) ignore as much as they can.
          Eg the rampant pedophilia in hollywood.
          Former child stars Corey haim and corey feldman talked about this on a docusoap.
          There is even a movie about it “Open secret” by amy berg,
          but no tv station is willing to show it and hollywood stars don’t care and oprah wont touch it until it can no longer be kept a secret.

          It is also no coincidence that many movies about gays and trans get oscars(starting with brokeback mountain) or alice vikander getting an oscar for playing a transsexual.

          Social engineering.

  4. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Since Hollywood and the NFL are both now preaching at us many people are turning off. Audience numbers have been ‘way down this year.

    How do you control a population which is no longer listening to you? Doesn’t look like the PC crowd have thought this through before they went to full indoctrination mode in 2017.

  5. Brent Musberger says:

    Growing up surrounded by male friends who knew every player’s name in every pro sport (and their salaries, domestic histories and personal quirks) I developed a strong aversion to all professional sports…however, I enjoy watching a good high school baseball game or attending the Special Olympics when it comes to town

    My real breaking point came when boxer Mike Tyson bit off Evander Holyfield’s ear in 1997 – Tyson was reprimanded, but (if I’m not mistaken) Tyson got about $25 MILLION for the grotesque match

    When I think of today’s pro athletes, I think of them as millionaires chasing balls around…the obscenity of pro salaries have been enough to keep me away, not to mention the sad, creepy devotion with which fans shower their pompous, egomaniacal heroes

    After our own extremely well-paid LA Dodgers were soundly and disappointedly trounced by the Astros in the recent World Series, I wondered what my best friend Dodger fans would do when Spring training rolled around again…like lemmings, my friends are right back looking forward to (probably) another disappointing Dodger season, wearing their “Dodger Blue” $200 jerseys and $50 Dodger caps…we even have friends who paid $1000 per seat to see the Dodgers get trumped in the Series (“This is what money’s for!” they exclaimed)…and please, don’t get me started on the peculiar Dodger Cult of Announcer Vin Scully…Scully is worshipped on a scale not even surpassed by Chairman Mao or Lady Gaga

    Yeah, pro sports sucks…

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