New Video : Another Icon Of Global Warming Drowns

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4 Responses to New Video : Another Icon Of Global Warming Drowns

  1. Lasse says:

    I could gladly give them some of our money , but I do not like to bee cheated!
    I even think of being a climate refuge at Tuvalu. (-5 and snow in late march)

  2. arn says:

    “eco imperialist” is a perfectly fitting term.

    But it is not just about eco-
    you can be 100% sure that all these new funny things invented in the USA
    by globalists
    (islam=religion of peace,(trans)genderism,neo marxism)
    is to be brought around the world using minorities competing in the victimhoodlympics and paid for by american and european tax payers
    (it the same they have done with central banking)

    And the reason it works so well is that the world will never run out of activistic
    parasites with a heart of gold waiting for a govermental handout or useless bullshit jobs they studied for with zero use in the real world and therefor 100% paid by the taxpayer.

    (another reason beside the parasitic approach why all the presidents and ministers of those microstates are so “afraid” of global warming is btw that those countries do not have their “own” scientists and advisors but people from europe and america working for the UN.)

  3. Tom O says:

    Very good presentation, Tony. If only facts and truth mattered these days!

    The only problem I have with it is that it is not about shifting money from the wealthy nations to the poorer nations. It is about shifting wealth from the taxpayers of so called wealthy nations to the NGOs and other money sinkholes in poor nations, and not about helping the citizens of poorer nations at all. You might prefer to use the term rich members of the poorer nations, but the truth is, the rich sponsors of the NGOs tend to be the recipients of the cash flow from the taxpayer, and very little of it helps those that need the help to begin with.

  4. Former95B says:

    Ah, Cargo Cult mentality!

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