“The Authority Of Thousands”

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  1. Hivemind says:

    Who is this Bob Ward person? I take it he doesn’t actually know how science works.

    Anyhow, it doesn’t matter how many thousands of scientists around the world are working to manufacture false evidence of global warming. The real temperature record, pre “homogenisation” shows that global warming is the greatest scientific fraud in all of history.

    • MGJ says:

      I don’t know who he is but one almost has to admire the level of projection involved in calling someone else unscientific, using such anti-scientific reasoning in order to do so.

    • CheshireRed says:

      Bob Ward is employed by billionaire Jeremy Grantham at his Grantham Research Institute as a climate attack dog.
      His role, as you may have noticed, is to promote AGW hysteria across all media, from Guardian and BBC go-to quotes to social media and more. He challenges the likes of Tony Heller as a matter of routine, but studiously avoids actual debate.
      You may rightly question why anyone would run away from debating a matter they consider so ‘settled’ that it’s a shoe-in win in any debate. He never debates because he knows if he came up against Tony Heller or anyone else well-briefed and up to the required debating standard, he would lose.


  2. bleakhouses says:

    Does he not understand the irony?

  3. arn says:

    Well-the authority of thousands can be observed in the MSM
    where thousands of journalists cried for war and destruction of
    Iraq,Lybia and Syria ,not just ignoring all the facts that destroy the official narrative but also that the terrorist sponsoring aggressor was caught many many times before turning countries into chaos(toppling of mossadeq,killing of lumumba etc etc) for the profits of wall street.

    It goes so far that not even obvious conspiracies (UK&USA gorvenments and secret services coordinated lying and deceiving to bomb iraq)
    are ignored by that evidence is systematically surpressed (eg. the New Yorker refused to print Seymour Hersh’s proof for gas attacks in Syria by “moderate rebels”(terrorists)
    “the Red line & the rat line” and the Washington Post did the same.

    It goes so far that a massmurdering pedophile religion where religious&gender apartheid is the norm and convert or die(when you din’t belong to the people of scripture) is called religion of peace.

    It goes so far that the desastrous effects of obvious muslim invasion by 80% male muslims is called good.

    And it goes so far that calling a country shithole will cause 1000* more uproar in the media than destroying 3 countries(or 2.5 as Syria is still ‘alive)as Obama did.

    The reason is pretty simple:Many people are studying science that (usually)
    does not offer many jobs or good payment but too many students.
    So after finishing college you have the choice between unemployment,mcdonalds and delivering pizzas for the rest of your life
    and zero skills in craftmanship-even too stupid to change a lightbulb or to cook.
    The only chance to get a job in science like climate or maritime biology etc
    therefore is to create apocalyptic scenarios,that way to open up the tax payers purse
    and just like every dealer knows- keep people dependent and pretend to help them by selling your product.
    And the business is protected very well by the omerta which is common whereever tribalism,groupthink & fear of excommunication exists.

    It goes that far that even satellite data proving ‘hiatus’ will first be ignored and then tampered until it fits the official narrative.

    • Kris Johanson says:

      You are becoming very quotable: This is a fine example…
      “The only chance to get a job in science like climate or maritime biology etc
      therefore is to create apocalyptic scenarios, that way to open up the tax payers purse and just like every dealer knows- keep people dependent and pretend to help them by selling your product. And the business is protected very well by the omerta which is common whereever tribalism, groupthink & fear of excommunication exists.

      • arn says:

        Better to quote people with better english than mine.

        • Rud Istvan says:

          Yours is fine compared to many American high school grads. True story. While a senior Fortune 50 exec a while ago, I bought a small San Jose California company as a ‘toehold acquisition’. We immediately put in a $10 milliin semiautomated production line for the main RFID product then being manually assembled. Needed to hire 12 production line workers (line would run 1 shift only at the beginning). Because of quality control and technical considerations, strict corporate rule was that all production hires had to have command of standard 8th grade english comprehension and writing. It took 412 applicant tests to find 12 English qualified production individuals. This in the heart of Silicon Valley.
          Arn, you would have been hired in a flash, but for something much more skilled than tending a production line. Regards.

    • Robertv says:


      After Brittany Pettibone and Martin Sellner were detained when attempting enter the United Kingdom and banned from the country – Lauren Southern was held under the terrorism act. Lauren Southern joins Stefan Molyneux to discuss the being banned from the United Kingdom, the erosion of freedom of speech, and the details of her recent detention.

      Strange that Mr Heller can still travel to the UK and is not banned from youtube.

      • arn says:

        Lauren Southern wouldn’t have been banned from britain
        whe she’d been a muslim terrorist shouting for the death of christian people and destruction of UK
        and entering britain illegally.
        Everyone would have kissed her butt,gave her free shit and a house to live.

        But trying to come to britain legally and behaving civilised
        and having an own opinion and criticising those who are 100% opposed to western values and 1000% to progressive values made her a public enemy.

        Strange that in western countries all people who are interessted in protecting the majority and their original values are enemies and sell outs to their own people like Treaudeau,Obama&Merkel are the norm.

        Btw-i may be wrong but i think Lauren Southern is officially a man now.
        I remember watching a video when she tried to prove how ridiculous reality has become .She applied for changing her gender and she got the papers.
        I do not know exactly wether thiat video was staged
        or real.

        • arn says:

          And the reason Tony isn’t banned is that he isn’t still as famous as Miss Southern or Mr Molyneux
          and that he rarely talks about the religion of poos etc.
          As soon as he becomes as famous things will change
          and he will get the full dose of new european fascism.
          Being neither muslims nor darkskinned or gay=50% of rights other people have.
          ((and i’m pretty sure nowadays even average gay people are too straight for the SJW’s to be considered humans when they are lightskinned and conservative))

  4. GeologyJim says:

    My guess is that Bob Ward is the offspring of Jay Ward, the creator of the old “Rocky and Bullwinkle” show

    Fractured Fairy Tales
    Aesop’s Fables
    Boris Badenov and Natasha Fatale, and the evil Fearless Leader
    Time Travels with Mr Peabody and Sherman
    and the Adventures of Rocket J. Squirrel and Bullwinkle T. Moose


  5. I am still waiting for one –ONE– of these looter warmunist phrenologists-by-consensus to point to a single wrong data point in Tony Heller’s graph of actual temperature readings showing a declining trend for the century in the linear fit superimposed on the raw data curve.

    • Louis Hooffstetter says:

      When told of pamphlet critical of his theory of relativity entitled ‘100 Authors against Einstein’, Einstein retorted: “100? Why 100? If I were wrong, one would be enough”.

      • arn says:

        The real interessting thing is:
        The ‘100 authors against Einstein’
        was at least a process of a scientific process(and therefore integrity)
        where supporters of one theory tried to defend their old point of view against a new one
        which is understandable and necessary.

        But climate science never had such a thing.
        They simply did a 180 from “ice age scare”
        to “AGW” with no discours ,no new scientific breakthroughs etc.
        The only thing they do now is claiming that the ice age scare never existed while 100s of articles proove them wrong.(and i’m pretty sure Tony has only found just a fraction of them until now)

  6. Louis Hooffstetter says:

    Other sad news, Stephen Hawking has died:

    The promoters of CAGW will have to find another sock puppet.
    Rest in peace Dr. Hawking.

  7. Former95B says:

    Hey, Ward! How about their fraudulent DATA? How’s that “evidence”, crackhead?

  8. Former95B says:

    Typical infantile response.

    Hey, Ward! How about their fraudulent DATA? The evidence is that you and your cohorts are felonious frauds.

  9. Mark Fife says:

    I don’t really know who these thousands of people really are or how strongly convinced they may or may not be. I do know who I am and I do not agree. Nor do I care what thousands of people think. I have compared thoughts with a few CAGW proponents, they have not proven very convincing.

    I am someone who has a degree in math but who has worked in manufacturing for nearly 30 years as a Quality Engineer. I am used to working in tangible results. So my methods are probably a bit different from theirs. This is what I see.

    I have pulled the GHCN daily temperature record from Berkeley Earth, link below. From those files I extracted 493 station records with continuous daily high and low readings from 1900 to 2011. I then constructed graphs of the annual averages for the daily highs and the daily lows.

    Then I scaled these records to standard deviations instead of degrees. Meaning I converted a reading x to (x – Avg) / StDev. This does not change the graphs of the data. It does provide some valuable information. What I am doing is creating graphic version of a statistical test for equality of means. Meaning, is there statistical evidence the over all average has changed.

    In a normal distribution 68% of the data will fall within ± 1 , 95% within ± 2, and 99.9% within ± 3 standard deviations of the mean. For this test the determination of significance depends upon distance from the mean in terms of standard deviations as well as the number of consecutive points plotted on one side of the mean. Having 3 or four plots higher than average is not terribly significant, but having 8 or more would be very significant.

    The picture below shows my graphs. You will note there are several times where there appears to be an actual change in the average. I have circled these in red. I have also added a plot of purely randomized numbers which provides a good comparison.

    However, there is no evidence to indicate any permanent change. There is no overall trend which would indicate any rapid change due to CO2. It appears the average has remained more or less constant for over 100 years with occasional forcings pushing the average slightly higher or slightly lower. There is also an obvious difference in the plots of the average highs and the average lows.

    Hopefully I have explained my methodology well enough so folks can understand what I am doing. If you are interested, you can easily google the term SPC or statistical process control.

    One other note. The data presented here does appear to be very close to normal. Therefore the methods I am using are valid.


    • Mark Fife says:

      This is where I thought things got interesting. I had decided to take the same look at the daily range between the high and lows. An average daily range of temperatures. What I found there is pretty interesting I think.

      There is clearly evidence of a recent trend. It does appear to be statistically significant. This is very different from the previous graphs in this series.

      I would conclude there is a good probability a change in the daily temperature range has occurred. This appears to reflect a change in the daily lows.

      So far in my experience, this is the first set of data which shows any change even remotely similar to what CAGW proponents claim. However, I would never look at this and make the kind of claim they would.

      My approach would be to examine the data and see where this is coming from specifically. Is it reflected in every station? Is it uniform? Or is it driven by a subset of stations?

      In any event, I don’t see anything really exciting here. The amount of change isn’t huge. I would imagine this reflects nothing more than changes in land use or changes in local humidity. People can and do have a major localized impact upon those things.

      The point hear is the methodology used to identify a change.

      • Gerald Machnee says:

        Does your data show a decrease in the range and an increase in the minimum temperatures?

        • Mark Fife says:

          Yes, there is a decrease in the range. However, the increase in minimum temps part is not really definitive. There appears to be a periodic pattern to both max and min , with the min pattern being more consistent and more conclusive. That cycle appears to be around 60 years in length. There just isn’t enough data to be certain. There is so much year to year variability it is hard to pin point the peaks and valleys. If there is a long term periodic pattern it would take some seriously long term data to analyze.

          It really has more to do with the daily maximums. The peak in maximum temperatures over all occurred in that 1920s to 1950s time frame. That is the most significant event in the entire data series. Again, there just isn’t enough data to make long term statements. We can say it just didn’t get as hot.

      • Nutation_discombobulation says:

        Nice graphs Mark, that downward trend can only mean one thing, the apocalyptic black horseman is preparing to make his ride. Summer crops here are rotting in the ground from wet weather, all the while plant research is focused on breeding drought and heat resistant crops, when we really need to prepare for cold and fungus resistant varieties, otherwise massive global famine will give the governing elites the population cull they so desire.

        • Mark Fife says:

          From what I have seen, what Global Elites desire most is for the European peoples of North America and Europe to die off and be replaced by people of different cultural roots.

  10. Rud Istvan says:

    If Bob Ward is attacking you from his stronghold at LSE then your stature on Twitter has risen. Congratulations, as he mainly goes after effective skeptical voices.

  11. mcraig says:

    Great scientists know how science works.

    “No amount of experimentation can ever prove me right; a single experiment can prove me wrong.” -Albert Einstein

  12. Bob Ward is a serial complainer. In Britain it is possible to make complaints about inaccurate articles to “The Independent Press Standards Organisation”. Ward has had three long complaints turned down over the past four years.


    The most recent concerned an opinion piece in The Times about Dr John Bates, formerly of NOAA on his revelations about the “Pausebuster” paper.


    A probable motive is that these complaints are extremely time-consuming for any paper to justify, so they will be discouraged in future from publishing anything that questions the climate dogmas.

  13. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    I’ll add the authority of one scientist to your side Tony. Me!

    On the other hand I don’t receive money from any government, so I don’t have to toe the government line to get paid do I?

    Most of the warming last century was natural and my analysis is that ECS is below 1 C/doubling. Therefore CO2 is harmless.

  14. Streetcred says:

    LOL Wards sig @ret_ward is apt … retard ward. Humble apologies to all IQ challenged folks, you don’t deserve ward.

    • Dave Ward says:

      “You don’t deserve ward”

      Unfair!!! – not all members of the Ward clan are retarded, or sponge off Jeremy Grantham…

  15. Timo - Not that one. says:

    Steven, this is the best response to a tweet that I have ever seen.

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