Countdown To The Ice-Free Arctic

NASA’s leading “climate prophet” says the Arctic will be ice free within six months.

The Argus-Press – Google News Archive Search

But will Oklahoma be ice-free?

Climate Reanalyzer

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21 Responses to Countdown To The Ice-Free Arctic

  1. Psalmon says:

    Bastardi’s Weatherbell saying South Carolina may get snow this coming weekend.

    • arn says:

      There goes my cherry blossom for next week!
      (thx god we rebranded global warming into climate change
      or we would be toasted by mankin…oops peoplekind(another rebranding for morons)

  2. Frank K. says:

    The forecast for us in New Hampshire this Friday is for 3-5″ of wet snow. Temps won’t get above 50 for the next ten days, according to the forecast. Where’s Spring??

  3. terak says:

    Arctic warming is screwing up the jet-stream and polar vortex. Expect more of the same.

  4. Robertv says:

    Snow and torrential rain are set to blight this bank holiday Monday, with cold and wet weather expected to cause travel misery for many.

    • AndyG55 says:

      Was gorgeous weather down here in NSW. :-)

      Been a somewhat warmer than normal start to spring….. PERFECT ! :-)

      • AZ1971 says:

        Andy, what’s the rainfall situation been like for you? I’ve been following the BOM for a while but it’s nice to hear first-hand accounts of what’s going on “down under”.

        • AndyG55 says:

          Was dry in the Hunter for a while (like that never happened before) Great rains a couple of weeks ago.

          Pretty much standard WEATHER .

          Talking to friend who owns a winery, reckons this year’s vintage of Hunter reds will be a ripper in quantity and quality.

          I wouldn’t trust BOM too much for temperatures, There has been a trend difference with satellite data since they started using AWS 1 second data (how anti-science is that) and of course their manic homogenisation routines that smash any real data.

          JoNova has a good write-up on that at the moment.

        • AndyG55 says:

          Oh and if anything Australia rainfall has been increasing slightly. (one day I’ll hunt down most recent data)

          Even SW Western Australia (Perth region), which has definitely seen decreasing rainfall over a couple of decades, has had a pretty moist year.

  5. frederik wisse says:

    James Hansen is the most well-paid prophet presently on earth . Changing the goal-posts is not sportsmanlike , but proper scientific program considering the statements of this whacky weasel . Even if the arctic freezes to a record in the coming years he is capable to blame a changing freezing-point of ice caused by ….. global warming .
    He is the perfect example of what will go wrong upon putting lies ahead of real observations.

  6. David Kilbourn says:

    25 years ago the Russians could not cross the Bering Straits on snow machines because of open water.

  7. CCB says:

    The World

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