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  1. Ernest Bush says:

    It would appear from Chinese sources that Kim has set off one too many blasts in his test area. It is now destroyed with a hole in the top of a mountain on the border showing a volcano like crater where there used to be a mountain top. Political rumours are that the hole is leaking radiation across the border and the Chinese are really pissed.

    Perhaps his father should have spent some money doing a geological survey for suitability instead on military toys. With the Chinese pissed off Kim will have a hard time finding billions to get his program back on the air. In effect, there is self-inflicted deescalation on the part of Kim’s government.

  2. Pathway says:

    There is no empirical evidence that the nuclear test site has collapsed, only a Chinese model.

  3. GeologyJim says:

    Ben Rhodes served the last few years of the Obama administration as Deputy National Security Advisor and was a main pusher of the BS Iran nuclear “deal” that Obama so desperately wanted as his gift to the mullahs (along with the bundles of cash). Rhodes boasted after the fact that he had created a “echo chamber” within the media to sell the Iran deal

    Rhodes earned a MFA degree in Creative Writing, so he was certainly highly qualified for the DNSA job (/sarc)

    Might have helped that his brother was president of CBS News

    He started out with Obama as a speech writer. Hmm, I wonder if he was responsible for the “Earth began to heal” line in Obama’s coronation speech?

    Despicable weasel

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