Nothing The Deep State Hates More Than Peace

Five of the ten richest counties in the US are located around Washington D.C. – thanks to the Military Industrial Complex. There is nothing they hate more than peace, which is why they are working so hard to get rid of President Trump.

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  1. Stewart Pid says:

    Looking on line at the lefties comments it is hilarious to see those suffering from “Trump derangement syndrome” going absolutely crazy spewing nonsense because Trump looks to be securing a huge win in Korea. Too funny :-)
    Cue Griff to proclaim that the arctic sea ice is melting because Trump is bringing peace to the Korean peninsula.

    • Griff says:

      yes… it is all that red hot Korean sauce/kimchi getting into the oceans…

      I’m not a leftist so no idea what opinion they have to offer as regards Korea

    • Richard Greene says:

      “huge win in Korea”?

      Bill Clinton claimed a huge win in Korea.

      He “ended” their nuclear program.

      Except it never ended.

      Don’t trust politicians.

      Don’t trust North Korea.

      Especially don’t trust
      North Korean politicians.

      North Korea has often
      saber-rattled in the past,
      until they got food and medical aid
      as a bribe to stop.

      I imagine it’s deja vu
      all over again.

      How could you trust a leader
      with a haircut like Kim Jong-un?

      He still has a huge military and
      a huge amount of artillery
      aimed at South Korea, that
      could do a huge amount of damage
      to Seoul — too many guns aimed
      at Seoul to claim there is real “peace”.

  2. GW Smith says:

    When shown to be so blatantly wrong they become most dangerous.

  3. Steelman says:

    Yeah! MSM and lefties, will now get busy in explaining that Trump, really didn’t have anything to do with it. No surprise, there.

  4. dave1billion says:

    I was looking at the websites of various news outlets to see just how bad CNN was (9:30 AM CST) and CNN’s lead is ‘Lawyer’s ties to Kremlin deeper than earlier known”.

    NBC/CBS/ABC/BBC and even Al Jazeera all lead with the Korea story.

    • Frank K. says:

      CNN has become toxic and nauseating. Removing them entirely from our airports can’t come too soon. I already have them removed/blocked from my phone, ipad, and computer.

  5. John F. Hultquist says:

    It has been reported that the mountain in which N. K. conducted nuclear tests has destabilized because of those explosions.
    The US experts on such things would have reported to the White House on this. Trump and advisers would have known this would give an opportunity to pressure N. K.
    Given enough time and money, a new test facility could be developed in N. K., but the US and allies had a window of a few years, and with sanctions and other levers held the trump suit**. I think The Donald jumped on this with both feet.

    [** I don’t play bridge. Did I get that analogy right?]
    ‘trump suit’ and Trump the President. I’d better stop now.

  6. MrGrimNasty says:

    Nicky Campbell & Rachel Burden on BBC Breakfast 5 live were practically inciting and orchestrating the anti-Trump violence to protest his forthcoming visit to the UK.

    This pair repeatedly remark (whilst you can hear the smirk in their voices) that they are professional journalists and HAVE to be neutral, yet they repeatedly mock and smear Trump and push the CAGW/renewables agenda.

    Sure they read out the odd dissenting text or allow dissenting callers, but they always follow it up with some comment subtly toned to be snide/disparaging/dismissive, whilst positively affirming every caller that confirms their bias.

  7. Mark Fife says:

    What is so infuriating with the left is they will vilify the crap out of a CEO running a corporation making 18 million a year where the company employs tens of thousands of people, pumps hundreds of millions of dollars into our economy, millions of dollars in taxes from wages paid by employees including a company paid payroll tax, provides a livelihood or a portion there of for thousands of people on the retail end of things, not to mention their income taxes, and the sales taxes pumped into state a local governments.

    But Matt Lauer making 25 million a year bumping his lips over an endless stream of propaganda while playing oinking pig in a palace with his female co-workers made him a freaking icon because he held the correct views.

    The leftist world is a screwed up place full of stupid. If they actually achieve the Bernie I haven’t ever run a successful d@#$ thing in my life but I sure as h@#$ know how to run all you yackers lives Sander’s utopian socialist model will the propagandist talking heads like Matt Show Me Baby Lauer still be making big bucks flapping and yapping or will their no longer have any value?

    Because slaves require no propaganda.

    Socialism: From each according to the minimum quota required to each according to their value to the state.

    • Former95B says:

      “What is so infuriating with the right is they have no concept of why a CEO makes as much as they do.

      Hint: stock valuation, not the trivia you mention as justification showing the narrow gap between the left and the right.

      • Richard Greene says:

        First of all, most people are only talking about
        the CEOs of the 500 largest companies.

        The pay gap between ALL CEOs and their
        employees is far smaller.

        The top 500 CEOs get paid so much to get
        the best talent available — a mediocre or bad
        CEO can single-handedly screw up a large
        corporation !

        Just like a star athlete getting paid huge
        amounts of money because he draws in fans
        to the stadium and on TV.

        We have an exceptional country because
        exceptional people can rise from poverty,
        or lower middle class, or middle class,
        to become a CEO or even President
        if they deliver something of value.

        The value delivered by a star athlete
        may be much more visible than a CEO,
        but the CEO provides value too — and
        when he doesn’t, he loses his job —
        more common among CEOs than you
        would think.

  8. TA says:

    Here Trump is, possibly on the verge of preventing the deaths of up to a million innocent civilians, by stopping a future war with North Korea, and what does the radical appeaser Left do? Why they continue to try to undermine Trump’s character, and leadership ability at one of the most critical times in history. This just demonstrates how deluded the radical Left really is and how dangerous they are to our freedoms because their version of reality will get us all killed.

    The Liberal appeasers quiver with fear when someone like Trump confronts the dictator, and they think this is the completely wrong way to go. But it is their thinking that is completely wrong. You don’t appease a bully/dictator, you punch him in the nose, or make him think you are going to punch him in the nose. If he thinks you will punch him in the nose and hurt him, then he won’t push his envelope and it won’t be necessary to punch him in the nose, so you save yourself some trouble. The only catch is you have to be ready, willing and able to throw that punch. Something the Liberal appeasers can’t bring themselves to do or even to threaten to do.

    Trump has demonstrated how to handle bullies and tyrants: By facing them down. Liberal appeasers would *never* take this course of action and is why they should never be put in charge of U.S. national defense. They are not mentally capable of taking the proper actions necessary to defend ourselves. They prove it every time they are put in charge: Vietnam; Iraq. When they take over it’s: “Cut and Run”, and to hell with innocent bystanders.

    I don’t know if this effort with Kim Jung un will work out, but it looks more hopeful than I have ever seen it. Kim seems to be eager for a deal. He is certainly giving that appearance. If he is just jerking our chain, he is going to get not just a lot of pushback, but a full-scale war as soon as he crosses Trump’s Red Line, so he should think long and hard about what he is going to do.

    But Kim seems to be enjoying this new direction and maybe he is sincere. If he has any sense, he should know that he could get just about any economic deal he wanted if he really gives up his nukes, and he could probably even get the U.S. to guarantee North Korea’s sovereignty.

    It’s hard to imagine a homocidal dictator turning into his People’s savior, and the world’s savior, but I suppose it’s possible. Now that Trump is president.

  9. feathers says:

    The Deep State is already placing the seeds so Trump cannot take credit for any peace agreement. The latest “narrative” pushed by the MSM is that the underground testing facility was destroyed and Kim Jong-un is simply playing his only hand.

    Let’s hope for the best while always remembering the Big Gipper “Trust, but verify.”
    Also, two lessons learned from the Iran Nuclear deal. (1) Duffel bags of cash is not a good optic, and (2) you have NOTHING without anytime, anyplace inspections!

  10. Ernest Bush says:

    I’m proud to say that Jeff Flake couldn’t get elected dog catcher in Arizona right now. Unfortunately, we can’t get rid of the slimy snake until the election.

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